Things I Love Thursday

September 17, 2009 at 1:27 pm (Things I Love)


Photo from Harper's Bazaar

I’m sorry to those of you that have missed our heart warming little lists on a Thursday, but here’s one to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

– That Spring has finally sprung! Warmer weather, gorgeous frocks and cocktails on the balcony – my kind of season!
– Finding the perfect sushi place near work
– Gorgeous magic inspired photoshoots (see above)
– Fashionable and delicious cookies that were in our September Issue giftbags from Alison at
– Realising that living away from home means that you can  eat and drink wine in bed (moved out years ago, but it still makes me happy to rebel like that)!
– Getting something out of the way that you’ve meant to do for ages (tax return will be mine this weekend)
– Great company and excellent cocktails (I’m looking at you Sarah and Mark & Tally from Tony Starr’s)!


1 Comment

  1. Sarah said,

    I think it was BRILLIANT company and evenmore excellent cocktails! I am putting your number in my phone and come Sunday afternoons (or Friday night, or Thursdays or any day that ends in a y…) calling on you for more indulgence! x

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