Spring Cleaning

September 18, 2009 at 7:42 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

The Modern Woman is writing her saga following her personal challenge to spring clean her body, and the posts are fantastic. I’m trying to spring clean my life at the moment, and it is a huge task!

I started with my skin (see post before last) and then moved to my apartment. My apartment is the disasterous living space you would expect of someone that works 3 jobs and is a self confessed organisational nightmare. So I started in the bathroom and ruthlessly threw out empty boxes, tubes, creams I’d never used, mini samples of potions I didn’t like (couldn’t part with the 4 bottles of sunscreen though). I’d previously thought my bathroom cabinet was full of neccessary products that I constantly used, but it turns out it was chocka block with useless and empty packets and bottles.

I moved to Melbourne almost 18 months ago with just 23kgs of possessions – how on Earth did I end up in the position of owning far too many things (most of which are barely used)?

My wardrobe is exactly the same story. Shirts that are the wrong size, unflattering dresses, odd socks and far too much lingerie. So the mission this week with be to cull a significant percentage of my belongings and send them to a fabulous new home with the power of eBay.

Is anyone else Spring Cleaning or is it something our mothers’ mothers used to do every September? Either way, I’m enjoying the overhaul.


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  1. Gaynor said,

    Hello darling,

    I’m helping my friend spring clean her room at the moment. I went through all her clothes and put them into 4 piles, yes, ebay, op shop and bin. I then hung the keepers back up in her wardrobe in 5 sections – dress tops, dresses, jackets, skirts and pants. I even colour co-ordinated them! We’ve done her make up draw, shoes and paperwork too. Next we’ll be taking everything off her shelves and then redesigning her room. The criteria for something to stay or come into the room, is that when she looks at it, she must LOVE it. That way, when she is in her room she will be surrounded by things that make her happy, rather than drain her. It’s feeling amazing in her room already, after taking out about 6 garbage bags, and there’s a few of those big stripey bags in her boot destined for the op shop.

    I’m feeling great at the moment!! The water and salads are working wonders. Gosh I heart spring!


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