Things I Love Thursday

October 15, 2009 at 3:29 pm (Things I Love)

Happy Thursday to you all my lovely readers!

Thanks to ikandi blog for this

Thanks to ikandi blog for this

This week has been a hectic and draining one, but I have still managed to find gorgeous morsels of joy to share with you all this week.

  • Balloons!
  • Having the opportunity to write for StyleMelbourne (article here)
  • Seeing the Escapadettes on Tuesday night, you girls are amazing
  • Pug dogs
  • Prawn rice rolls
  • Friends bringing individually wrapped homemade desserts to girly movie nights (yes you Catherine)!
  • Getting in touch with old friends
  • Design you own shoes site ‘Shoes of Prey’
  • That braids have come back in style (feminine and simple)
  • Great friends that inspire you and encourage you to be the best that you can be

What’s on YOUR list?



1 Comment

  1. Sarah said,

    Things I love this Thursday…
    – A little bit of rain going a long way
    – Couture design on the big screen
    – Home baked and gluten free goodies (and extra for later)
    – Night after night after night with fabulous people
    – O.P.I Avoplex hand and nail cream
    – The Japanese Cafe place I went to for lunch
    – Finishing major projects and having no one complaim about them
    – ‘Fritz’ ;)

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