Things I Love Thursday

October 22, 2009 at 7:26 am (Things I Love)

pink hair

Good Thursday afternoon all! Hope you have been thinking of wonderful things that you adore this week – if so, why not leave a few in a comment (I’d love to hear from you)!

  • Enjoying summer fruits

    Luscious pumps in Mariah Pink from Wittner

    Luscious pumps in Mariah Pink from Wittner

  • Being able to sleep well again and in turn getting my energy and mojo back
  • Oogling new summer shoes
  • Securing a gorgeous venue for Escapade’s first informal event
  • Not passing out after my first netball game in 2 years (yusss!)
  • Walks in the sun with great friends
  • Seeing my friend Lisa from all the way back home in Wellington
  • Paying it forward and good karma
  • Playing with Polyvore
  • Meeting Twitterati in person at the lovely <Insert Name Here> pop up shop launch
  • The sun making an appearance this week!
  • That @sarahstyle posted 10 things that she loved this morning on Twitter to salute TILT.   : )

This TILT post was brought to you by the colour hot pink and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Sending masses of OTT sparkly Thursday love gum drops your way! xx


1 Comment

  1. Sarah said,

    I love that you mentioned me in your blog!! That is a thing I love Thursday!!

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