Things I Love Thursday

October 29, 2009 at 7:13 pm (Things I Love)

I had a little help from the Twitterati for today’s TILT, so thank you ladies!
I’ll let you head up the post.  : )


Melena loves sunshine!

Sarah loves “eating my emergency nuts”

Penny loves Chloe frocks and Marc Jacobs anything

@rubyandjoy loves:
– new season pink &fluffy Peonies,
– sleeping past 3.30am tomorrow morn,
– designing pretty R&J Chrissy cards

Kristy loves
– VIP events
– fashion
– summer fruits
– photography
– the beach
– music festivals
– reading
– writing
– blogs

Cupcakewrapper loves their new products

Nat loves that Ps get degrees

Felicity loves
– crunchy apples
– hearing a fav song when ur iPod is set to random
– new glossy mags
– sunshine
– cute kids

What do I love this wonderful Thursday?


Christian Louboutin satin anemone pumps from Polyvore


  • The fact that my friend owns Beverly Hills 90210 button covers (the old series not the recent one, Luke Perry on your buttons people)!
  • Carmen’s muesli
  • Laughing until you can barely breathe
  • Amazing and daring shoes (just to look at)
  • My boyf’s phrase “as quiet as a soft footed pelican”
  • Wearing my outrageous new skirt to work and getting compliments (even from the drycleaning guy)!
  • Gourmet picnics with friends
  • Snuggling up with the boyf and making our way through Supernatural Season One
  • Getting back into boxing (boy do I ache today though)
  • Black forest cheesecake that you’d jump over your grandmother for

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