Things I Love Thursday

November 12, 2009 at 3:26 pm (Things I Love)

Hello Dolly

Photo by Dolly Kershaw

  • X&Y Magazine. Went to the fantastic launch party of this new online mag – check it out!
  • Being forced into buying new shoes due to a broken heel
  • Having a cheeky glass of wine at lunchtime
  • Fashion trend:  Ruffles!
  • The smile I got from my boyfriend when I bought him a gingerbread man to cheer him up (he’s home sick)
  • Air conditioned trams – there should be more of them though!
  • Revisiting songs you haven’t heard for years
  • That the next Escapade Event is next Thursday (and will probably be on my list for next week too).
    Contributions via Twitter (thanks girls)!
    Sandi:  Balmy night chats with friends sitting outside, exciting possibilities on the horizon and wearing thongs every day.
    Sarah:  Looking forward to girls weekends away, going to concerts of artists I should have gotten over when I was 16, walking to work in the balminess of the morning, air conditioning, iced coffee and delegating.
    Ponikuta:  The new site!
    Paper Couturiere:  Being my own boss and having the freedom and flexibility to work around me, rather than “the man” – love this one!
    Shitika:  Watermelon juice in the scorching heat.

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