Things I Love Thursday

November 26, 2009 at 7:13 am (Things I Love)

Being asked to trade shoes
Getting cute choc Freddo
‘cheer up’ gifts
My new Bloom eye shadows (which I’m using as coloured eyeliners)
Planning our trip to Europe
Amazing Sunday dinner parties with the Twitterati
Pink highlighter pens
Cackling away at The Office
(UK version)

La Zuppa sweet corn soup (fabulous photo site that I have fallen hopelessly in love with)

And a few loves from some great people on Twitter (thank you)!
SIMON: Laurent bakery on Little Collins St
BEC: Chandon and oysters and 1940s hats
JADE: Eating a tub of mango swirl icecream
AMY: Cupcakes (totally agree with you)!
SHARON: The delicate stainless steel cut-out jewellery from PolliDesign
PONIKUTA: The Tresemme 24 hour root boosting spray
SANDRINE: My nice summer fragrance, my cousin’s sweet little baby boy and lovely photos and posts from webzines and blogs (and our TILT blog posts – yay)!


1 Comment

  1. Rebecca said,

    hehe yay I got a mention ;)
    Good list – things I love thursday is like an Australian thanksgiving!

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