Things I Love Thursday

December 3, 2009 at 2:15 pm (Things I Love)

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It is that wonderful time of the week where we smile and think of all the things that have delighted us over the past seven days. Here is mine, I’d love it if you shared some of yours!

  • Christmas decorations
    My building (Rialto Towers in Collins Street) is fabulously decorated with a huge glittery tree and large wreaths hanging around the foyer. I love walking into work just to see them!
    I also love walking into the Christmas areas of department stores to see a rainbow of coloured baubles and ornaments. Isn’t Christmas fantastic?


  • My new ideas book I got from kikki.K
    Never again will I think of something absolutely brilliant and forget about it 10 minutes later. Very cute Chrissy gifts ($20) if you know someone creative.


  • Christmas tree
    Or rather the fact that our $17 supermarket Christmas tree has no decorations but does have a He-Man figure adorning the top of it. I get to choose the decorations and my darling boyfriend got to choose the “cherry on the cake”. Forget the usual star or angel, get a He-Man action figure!


  • Shiny new accessories
    My new super sparkly sequin and pearl barrette from the lovely Airdrie at Joolz. Wearing it today just makes the day feel that little bit extra special. My boss told me I look like I should be heading to a Christmas party. Hope that was a compliment.

  • Childish fun
    Tickling my boyfriend while he cackles and screams. I know it’s not fun for him, but I find it hilarious.


  • Plans for a fab new hair cut
    I love that the Twitterverse helped me choose a hair salon for my big cut. Okay, when I say big cut, I have straight long (highlighted) blonde hair and I have had the same style for years. So now I am opting for a new salon and a fresh ong layered hairstyle (something like Ms Miranda Kerr). Very excited (next Thursday, so we’ll see if it ends up on this list in a fortnight)!

  • Rocking out
    Cranking the speakers in my car when driving to work on the weekends and dancing in my car.


  • Day trip to Sydney
    Work is flying me up to Sydney for their head office work party the day before the Melbourne Christmas lunch. Interstate day trip? Yes thanks!



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