Brighten Your Day!

December 8, 2009 at 6:43 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

A friend of mine is having a rough day today and asked people to tell her how they cheer themselves up when they’re down. This post is a handful of ideas to brighten your day.

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♥ Dance and sing. Go somewhere quiet (botanic gardens are great) and secluded and go crazy. Release all your negative emotions by singing or screaming at the top of your lungs and turning it into energy. This will send endorphins throughyour body and you’ll probably ending up laughing at how crazy you look. Watch Elizabethtown. There is a great scene where Orlando Bloom dances in the forest (due to instructions from the free spirit live interest, Kirsten Dunst). Cute movie.

♥ Write a list of all your achievements in the past 12 months, big and small. We rarely acknowledge our successes and what better time to focus on these than when you feel upset?

♥ Watch your favourite movie or TV show somewhere beautiful. Take your laptop to a gorgeous park or outside an inspiring building, plug your earphones in and enjoy. Bed may seem like the most logical place to do this but I find that staying in bed can keep me feeling lethargic and sullen. It’s better to get out and explore the city you live in.

♥ Go shopping. There are three rules with this one. Don’t go shopping for jeans or swimwear – this is always traumatic for us women. Don’t max your credit card. Limit yourself to a budget you can comfortably afford. You don’t want to regret your cheer-me-up shopping spree. Only purchase things you LOVE. We’ve all bought items that we are not too sure of (but they’re on sale so why not?) – they fill your closet and never get worn. Make sure you buy something that makes you feel glamourous, sexy and confident. This will mean something different to everyone.

♥ Call a friend or family member, anyone who is a great listener and will let you vent your concerns and sadness. As soon as you hang up, run a bath or have a shower and wash away all those emotions. Plan to do something that makes you happy straight after (paint your nails a vibrant colour, put on a face mask, paint, exercise etc).

♥ Grab a friend and order a huge icecream sundae with all the toppings, then devour and take photos at every stage (chocolate sauce moustaches are a must)!

♥ Make a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs, then look through Flickr or WeHeartIt favourites.
Beautiful photography and illustrations always make me smile. If you have a printer, print out your favourite pictures and make an inspiration board. Put it somewhere that you will see it often.


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