Things I Love Thursday

December 10, 2009 at 2:06 pm (Things I Love)

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Putting together my list of 25 Things to Do Before 25. My 24th birthday is less than a fortnight away and I figure it’s a great time to set goals – New Years Resolutions never seem to work for me!

   Looklet. May be becoming a little obsessed. Perhaps I was a stylist in another life. Or maybe it relates back to my love of dressing up Barbies in thousands of little outfits.

☆   Writing. I’ve been trying to be prolific on this blog and post as often as possible (while still keeping it interesting) and it’s keeping me really motivated. When I started this blog, I didn’t really know what I wanted it to be, but now it feels like it has more of a direction. In other writing news, my recent article for StyleMelbourne is here, inspired by <insertnamehere>’s A Very Eco Christmas event.

   Visitors. Starting tomorrow I will be having a string of visitors over from Wellington (the windy city I call home). Thrilled that I will get to see so many familiar faces, including those of my family.

☆   Our Christmas tree. Its theme is silver, purple and turquoise and it makes me smile everytime I walk into our apartment. So what if it only cost $17 (minus decorations), it’s cute and has both He-Man and Skelator up the top now.

   My new shoes. My friend’s mum bought them for me at an op shop (because she’d been told my only flats died the other week). $4 – bargain! Thanks Sez. xx

   Ninja Turtles. I always loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but was transported back to my youth when I attended my cousin’s dance concert and little 12 year olds were dancing along to the theme song. That and the Bat Dance were hilarious.

   Positive horoscopes for 2010. I’m very excited after flicking through Marie Claire and finding that they agree with me – 2010 is going to be my year!

   Music. More specifically, planning to record tracks in order to get an agent. One of my goals before 25 is to earn $10,000 in the year from creative pursuits – most importantly, singing. I didn’t get a music degree for nothing!

(thanks to everyone for contributing, I love hearing about your
weekly adoration)!

Airdrie:   Yesterday’s absolutely perfect weather and my new vintage black trilby from Coburg Trash ‘n’ Treasure market

Amy:   Two relaxing hours at the hair salon with a new cut and colour

Bec:   Sunshine on a rainy day, baby elephants, fresh baked bread and pastries and summer cocktails

eventTHIS:   The bus advert for Santa’s Helper made out of Lego

Felicity said she loved ME – awww!

Fiona:   Lying on the grass with a good book and soaking up the few hours of Melbourne sun before the clouds come back

Paper Couturiere:   Real life Mexican food

Sarah:   Chocolate biscuits for lunch, public recognition of effort, tomatoes, charity drives and CHRISTMAS!

Sweet Libertine:   Watermelon (cold from the fridge with the juice running down your chin)

 Let me know what you have loved this week!


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  1. Rebecca said,

    :) great list!

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