25 Things I Must Do Before 25

December 14, 2009 at 11:31 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

My 24th birthday is approaching (1 week to go) and I decided that it was time I set some goals to achieve before I hit quarter of a century.

1.   Get myself out of all debt

2.   Save at least $5000 towards an apartment

3.   Ride in a hot air balloon

4.   Have an article published in a print magazine

5.   Own a DSLR camera and complete a course on how to use it

6.   Travel to Europe with Tom and take said camera

7.   Do some form of dance class every month

8.   Grow my nails

9.   Learn how to cook a (decent) roast

10.   Earn at least $10,000 from creative work (singing, acting, writing)

11.   Keep a plant alive for more than 6 months

12.   Send at least 100 personal letters/cards by post to friends and family

13.   Find an amazing hairdresser One down already!

14.   Book a flight home to Wellington

15.   Write at least 10 new songs

16.   Take a day off work to do some form of volunteer work

17.   Explore a new Melbourne bar and restaurant every month

18.   Have a wardrobe that I adore
          (rid of clothes/shoes I never wear or don’t fit or need repairing)

19.   Look after myself – go to the dentist, the optometrist and the osteopath.

20.   See a psychic (just for the hell of it)

21.   Create a list of 25 books I’d like to read and read them

22.   Buy a cheap keyboard and re-learn how to play it

23.   Get my first manicure

24.   Take a circus class or private tuition at NICA

25.   Create something I am really proud of

I’d much rather have this specific list than my usual New Years Resolutions like “lose weight” or “be happier”. It is important to create fairly specific goals that are achieveable so you don’t feel like you have failed at the end of your timeframe.

What would be on your list?



  1. kcd75 said,

    Great list! Traveling to Europe sounds fun!


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    […] my nails are growing! Some of my wonderful regulars would have seen that Number 8 on my 25 Things I Must Do Before 25 post is to grow my nails. I have been a nailbiter ever since I can remember and have grown my nails once […]

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    […] is tight due to the move and a number of expenses related to my step into a creative career and my 25 Things Before 25 list that I am frantically trying to complete (update on that to come […]

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