Things I Love Thursday

December 18, 2009 at 10:09 am (Things I Love)

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Okay okay, so I am a day late. Please forgive me – I was in Sydney at my work Christmas function (which is on my list).

♥   Getting a little birthday cake with a candle at dinner on Tuesday. Sarah – you are amazing and so sweet!

♥   Debuting my new dresses this week. It always feel good to wear something new and flattering (think it’s a chick thing).

♥   Finishing my 25 Things Before 25 list.  I am really excited to get started on my list. I know a lot of people that make lists and/or resolutions and don’t achieve any of them (me included). But this won’t be me next year. 2010 is my year!

♥   Strawberry and white chocolate cookies. De-lish.

♥   Matching my nail polish with my dress. I was wearing a purple and black themed outfit and there is just something about matching colours perfectly that makes me smile to myself.

♥   Excited phone calls with my mum before she comes over (on Sunday) with the rest of my clan. Really thrilled that I get to host Christmas for the first time and that they’ll be over to celebrate my birthday with me.

♥   My birthday is on Monday! Need I say more?

♥   My friends sending me lovely little messages after I asked them for their addresses to send them hand written letters next year (see my 25 Things list)

♥   Icecream with Ice Magic. Takes me back to the days of my childhood. Pouring the Ice Magic over the icecream and making patterns, or writing my name and waiting for it to harden. Good times.

♥   Sparkly hair accessories. I think I will need to find a few to add to my collection in the Boxing Day sales. There is something fab about adding a splash of sequins and sparkle to your outfit.

  My work Christmas party. We flew up to Sydney for the day and had lunch in a beautiful gazebo in Taronga Zoo. Got to meet Brian the echidna up close and personal and have a bit of an impromptu sing-a-long with colleagues. Had loads of fun!

What have you adored this week?

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