Strut Your Way into a New Decade

January 7, 2010 at 12:08 pm (Inspiration Station, Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

This New Year, more than any other, has filled me with an overwhelming need for new beginnings and embracing positive change into my life. I have been trawling blogs, magazines and books, trying to find interesting ways to revitalise my life (I’m calling this my mid-twenties crisis). I want to strut my way into the new year in sky high heels and a risk-taking, glass-half-full attitude, and here’s how I plan to do it.

♥   Reinvent your apartment/home. Your living space is ideally a space that is an extension of you in style and functionality. My apartment is currently just a place to eat and sleep and I want to make it so much more, an inspiration domain if you will.
–   Get rid of the clutter. I have been reading ‘Sorted!’ by Lissanne Oliver and her mantra is: if you don’t love it, use it or need it – turf it.
Here‘s an article on the Sorted! blog to give you a few decluttering tips.
   Organise and protect the things you love. I am terrible at coming home and throwing clothes, shoes and bags on the floor; and hair accessories and jewellery all over my dresser. I know, I’m awful. Make sure that everything you adore has its rightful place and take pride in what you own.

I love this Icebirg jewellery hanger (click picture to be taken to their online store) and will have to untangle my horrendous, entangled ball of jewellery to put them on display.

–   Fill your space with pictures and objects that make you happy. If you find a card, photo, magazine photo shoot or cover that you love, why not frame it so you can see it every day?
If you have sentimental gifts, toys or trophies – show them off! Put them on display in your house rather than hiding them away.
I have started making my 2010 inspiration board and I’m really excited that just above my new desk will be a whole heap of images that make me smile or tempt me to dream.

♥   Think about what you want to do career-wise. I know that I am in a job where I am unable to use all the sparkling creativity thatis bubbling inside me and it drives me nuts (hence why I satrted Escapade to help release some of that).
Gala Darling said in her ‘Getting Organised for 2010’ blog post recently “If you want to do satisfying, fulfilling work, you need to listen to your heart, not your head” and it’s true. Spend some time by yourself writing down everything you enjoy doing and the skills you have and map out what career path are good options for you.
Also, ask the people around you. Your friends and family know you well and may be able to give you some guidance (although when I asked the question on Facebook I got responses such as Llama Trainer, so not every answer will be useful)! :)

♥   Set yourself goals. No matter how silly they might seem to others, write goals that are meaningful to you. Make sure they are specific, have a set timeframe (mine are by my next birthday) and are achieveable. Write them down somewhere that you will see them often and try to do something towards one of them every day (no matter how small).

♥   Become more active. Yeah yeah, you’re probably saying; everyone makes a resolution to eat better and exercise more, then they never do it. Saying that is far too general and fairly unmotivating really. Buy a 10 x class pass for yoga or dance classes – that way, you’re making a financial commitment, and none of us want to waste money. Figure out what activities you enjoy, and plan time in your week to do them. Some ideas are:  
–   Join a social sports team
–   Arrange to meet a friend before work a few tram/bus stops away from your work and walk the rest of the way (starting again next week right Sarah?)
   Grab that bikini that is collecting dust in your drawer and go swimming
–   Get some friends together to take up an exercise challenge (some of the girls on Twitter and I are doing C25k (running application)
–   Transport yourself back to your childhood with a skipping rope, hula hoop or roller skates.

♥   Take a short course in something that fascinates you. The CAE here in Melbourne offers some fantastic short courses for adults that you can do on the weekend or after work. I’m going to be learning how to use a DSLR camera (once I purchase one in a few months). Some subjects that you may like to dabble in:
–   Art History
–   Pattern Making
–   Photography
–   Graphic Design
–   Jewellery Making
–   Fashion Illustration
–   Origami
–   Languages

♥   Revamp your personal style. Go through your wardrobe and be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it in over 6 months, try it on – do you feel fabulous in it? If the answer is no, put it in the donate/sell pile.
Note:   If you are in Melbourne and have a pile of clothes/accessories/books/DVDs that you are thinking of selling on eBay (or similar), please consider setting up a stall at Escapade’s I NY Market on 31 January. $20 which includes a glass of champagne.

Create a Style Book and put magazine cut outs/photos/fabric samples in it to inspire you and paint a clear picture of your new sense of style. Only buy new pieces that make you grin in the changing room. If you’re unsure, it’s not worth it.

♥   Make a point of getting back in contact with friends and family. One of my goals is to write 100 personal letters/cards and post them to my loved ones this year. I know how much I love getting a handwritten letter and how rarely it happens. If you’re not a letter writer, pick up the phone!

What are you doing to reinvent yourself for the new decade?


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  1. Rebecca said,

    this year I am making an effort to see/contact friends and family more often and to take better care of myself.
    No rules just trying to be a little more healthy than last year and get a little more rest each night, time to myself and meditation at least once a week if only for 20 min

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