Inspiration Station: Creative Workspaces

January 8, 2010 at 8:26 am (Inspiration Station)

I know that I suffer from ‘inspiration block’ all the time and one of the reasons for this could be that I hadn’t set up a “creative sanctuary” of sorts. Whether it be your desk at work or a small corner of a room at home, make it your own.

Here are some examples from weheartit to stir the creative juices.

I love the chaos of this one, proving that it doesn't need to be neat and tidy to be gorgeous and inspiring

Your space can be chaotic in it’s design but it is important that everything is kept organised. It is hard to work on creative projects when equipment and staionary doesn’t have it’s rightful place and you keep losing your train of thought while looking for bits and pieces.

Also think about the lighting in the area. Do you prefer to work in streaming sunlight, in the dark with a lamp or maybe the dim light of scented candles?

A very cute alternative to an inspiration board is stringing up cards and pictures with tiny pegs

Once you have set up your workspace and you are happy with it, keep it evolving. Evaluate what pictures/quotes/parts of its set up are working well and incorporate more of that into your surroundings.

Perhaps choose a colour to use as the theme for your space

I am part way through building my creative sanctuary at home and will post a photo once it is complete. I’m also considering introducing more colour and photos that make me smile into my work cubicle. My corporate 9 – 5 job may not be all that creative, but everyone should be able to create a workspace that they love.

Inject a fusion of colour, cards, photographs, funky stationary and sparkle into your work world!



  1. Rebecca said,

    oh man now I really have to clean my desk here at work – it’s turning into a nightmare !!

  2. Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said,

    Isn’t it funny how I am attracted to artistically mess environments… but in reality I need simple and minimalist spaces around me ?

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