STYLE SNAPSHOT: Ballerina Chic

January 11, 2010 at 3:52 pm (Style Snapshot)

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It is a scorching 41 degrees here in Melbourne today – a temperature that is extremely hard to dress for. Hair should be tied back to avoid it sticking to the back of your neck, makeup should be simple as it will most likely sweat off and don’t wear anything black, with long sleeves, or anything in a thick or clingy fabric. After eliminating pratically everything in my wardrobe – I’m not left with very much to choose from.

The most low fuss hairstyle I know is the bun and I decided that this was perfect for a sweltering day such as today – hair is contained in a neat little roll on top of my head, and just to add a little pizzazz I added a black ribbon and a sequined bow clip.

Make up was very low maintenance and high on the powder factor to help it last longer and stay put. I brushed a little bronze eyeshadow over the lids, black liquid eyeliner and mascara.

I chose a shortish stone coloured layered ruffle skirt, plain cotton singlet and black ballet flats as my ensemble and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked like a ballerina. Not that there is nothing wrong with that – in fact I have actually found that I’m quite liking the prim, dancer look; so much so that I took a wander around the internet to find some beautiful dance style inspiration.



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My favourite scene from the dance movie 'Centre Stage'



  1. bryna said,

    it’s times like these that i don’t miss australia!

  2. KK said,

    Haha, I know. Suffering through the heat is one thing I’d prefer to avoid. :)

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