Have a Productive and Creative Day

January 13, 2010 at 3:25 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)


Everyone has their own style and their own je ne sais quoi so the way you plan your day will no doubtedly be different.

In order to be productive, it is important to keep life interesting and to make even the most tedious of tasks that little bit more exciting.

Here are some ideas to boost your productivity and creativity while being elegant and organised.


The Night Before  

  • Spend a few minutes writing down all the things you would like to achieve out of the day and any reminders you may need.
  • Think about what you will wear the next day to avoid the classic ‘mad wardobe panic’.
  • Make sure everything has it’s place and is put away. This means that if you suddenly need to get your hands on something you will be able to find it quickly and without any stress. This may first involve a serious cleaning and organising effort over a couple of weeks.
  • Enjoy some ‘me time’. Read a book, meditate, listen to music or knit. Whatever it is that calms you down and lets your brain stop dwelling on tasks and plans.

Wake Up

  • Bounce out of bed! I know it’s hard and you’re tired and cozy, but starting the day eager and excited gets you off to a positive start.
  • Stretch. Ease your body awake with a few minutes of stretches to release any tension before you begin your morning routine.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier to incorporate some exercise into your morning. Run, skip, box, swim or walk to send a rush of adrenaline and energy through your body.

Morning Routine

  • Always allow enough time to get ready. You should have some idea of how long this takes you.
  • Add some music to your morning. Turn up your favourite upbeat tracks (not too loud if you have close neighbours and it’s early) and perhaps dance around or sing along to improve your mood.
  • Change it up. Try a new hairstyle, change the colour of your nailpolish, wear a necklace that you haven’t in a while – anything that makes today’s look a little different.
  • Eat breakfast. Don’t complain or make excuses – just do it.
  • Take some form of vitamins and anti-oxidants. I’m not going to claim to know a lot about these but I am currently taking zinc, vitamin C, garlic, echinacea and green tea (mainly because I seem to get sick a lot).

At Work

  • Make sure you take regular breaks and get away from your desk (or equivalent). This can be difficult, particularly in office environments, so why not set a reminder in your calendar every hour to go for a short walk around the office or get a drink.
  • Concentrate on one thing at a time. I need to take my own advice. I am terrible at multi-tasking, always having at least 5 windows open at a time. Despite the fact that women CAN multi-task, we really shouldn’t – it isn’t an effective use of our time and energy. Concentrating on one task means it usually gets done faster and better.
  • Have a system that works for you. Make sure that you have a way of controlling workflow that makes sense to you. It may be a to do list, or using your calendar to block out time for each task, it may be something completely different. Importantly, if your current system isn’t working and you feel out of control – change it.


  • Do your chores immediately when you get home. I know that if I relax on the couch or start watching a DVD I will never get up to do chores later, they just wait for the next day. Put that load of washing on or file those bills as soon as you walk through your door to avoid procrastination.
  • Schedule some time each night for you to absorb all kinds of inspiration. You may do this by going for a walk, watching a favourite movie, reading a book, surfing the internet or looking through old memories.
  • Spend time with friends and family. Stay in touch either by seeing them face to face, calling them on the phone or sending them a handwritten letter. Note: Emails/Facebook messages/text messages are a cop out!  : )
  • Create something – get those creative juices flowing! Add to a style inspiration book or board, write a song or poem, make a photo collage, bake biscuits or cupcakes (with sprinkles and coloured icing of course!).

What do you incorporate into your day to keep you both productive and creative?



  1. Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said,

    I totally love this. I plan to try to live one day exactly like this, to see what do I want to adopt in my daily routine !

  2. Catie said,

    These are great suggestions. I love the idea of scheduling times for things like taking a walk and reading a book. I really enjoy having some time to myself, but because my life revolves around scheduling other things, I tend to leave that kind of stuff out. This sounds like a really good way to make sure I give myself my me time.

  3. Kelley said,

    Great post! I love your suggestions. They make me feel excited about tomorrow.

  4. KK said,

    Thanks Eternal – hope the tips help!
    Catie, I know what you mean and unless I schedule time for the things I’d like to do, I never get around to them. Hope you’ve been enjoying some ‘you time’. :)
    Thank you so much Kelley, that’s wonderful!!! xx

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