January 27, 2010 at 1:23 pm (Imagine)

I have decided to start a new blog segment called IMAGINE. It will be the kind of post that you save for first thing Monday morning or at 4.00pm on a weekday to drift you off into another world and let your imagination wander with excitement. I hope to take your senses on journeys that will inspire you in some way and put a smile on your face after reading them. I’d love your feedback on the first post: ITALY.

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Let yourself move away from wherever you are now and become enveloped by the delightful aroma of freshly baked pizza slices and the giggling of children playing chasey on the cobblestoned path. There is a little old woman to your left, sitting on steps outside of a gorgeous old beige building with rought iron railing. She furrows at you, as if she knows you’re not a local, but you can see the signs of decades of laughter around her eyes.

Rome itself is a weathered beauty. It’s buildings seem to heave with the effort of staying up, but the architecture maintains a certain historical charm that makes you close your eyes and smile. The city is busy, with cars and scooters whizzing by, but the people lining the footpath move at a leisurely place as if to say “Enjoy life, don’t rush it”.

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Venice exudes a sense of mystery, its dark flowing canals and thousands of tiny alleyways begging to be explored. The wind delicately whispers the city’s secrets to you as you cross a small bridge that looks like it could barely hold your weight, let alone the five other tourists behind you. Dozens of quirky little shops line the piazza with ornate masks grinning from the window, their feathers and glitter coaxing you inside. You choose a tiny shop, half the size of your bedroom at home and smile gently at the shopkeeper. He grins back, welcoming you with a quick hello, hoping that something will catch your eye. Brightly coloured murano glass glistens as thin beams of light enter from outside, tempting you to buy a necklace or a brooch. The slight scent of coffee and tobacco hits your nostrils as you walk out and stroll into a nearby laneway, decorated with little white fairy lights.


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