Things I Love Thursday

January 28, 2010 at 8:11 am (Things I Love)

Wearing my cute black sequined beret. There is this one client that comes in every few weeks and is disappointed if I’m not wearing my ‘special hat’.  I have to say, it’s great for adding a little pizzazz to my outfit (or covering a bad hair day)!

Sleeping in until 10.30am. I hardly ever sleep in – my body clock doesn’t let me. But on Tuesday, we Australians celebrated Australia Day with a day off and my boyfriend and I caught up on some desperately needed sleep.

That The Glamourous Grad Student (one of my fave style blogs) gave me a delightful shout out in her Weekend Reads post. Check out the love here.

Exercising like a maniac. I know, call me crazy (believe me, I never thought I’d add exercise to my Things I Love Thursday) but I am really enjoying being active, which includes my personal training sessions, the C25K running program and swimming.

Shopping for my dream home. The other day I was browsing available apartments on the web and imagining the ones that we’d buy. Doing the sums afterwards was mildly depressing however…

The receptionist at work blowing me kisses goodbye. Very cute – last night as I was leaving the building, our lovely receptionist gave me hugely dramatic kisses goodbye for the evening. Made me grin.

Birthdays. It is my friend Jess’ birthday today and we’re going out for dinner to celebrate. Happy Birthday lovely!

Murals/grafitti art painted all over Melbourne. Have you ever gone exploring in Melbourne city and found that many of the hidden alleyways have amazing hedonistic art all over them? LOVE.

This post by Gala Darling. 50 Ways To Put The Light Back In Your Heart. Very cute and full of fun ideas to give yourself a touch of sparkle.

The idea of secret missions. I may have to create one for myself for next week. Problem is that if I tell you all about, it won’t be secret anymore…

Summer picnics. I am getting together with a few lovely ladies to do just this on Sunday. Really looking forward to champagne and cakes!

Long chats on the phone to my mum. Nothing can take the place of some serious mum love.

Other wonderful things: My boyfriend (he’d kill me if I didn’t add him), workmates that adore my shoes, getting cute emails that cheer me up, tidying my desk at work, mini Kit Kat choc bars, beautiful photos of far away lands, the cheeky smiles that toddlers sometimes give me on the tram, red wine that should be off but is surprisingly still drinkable (this made me very excited last night), looking through old photos that make me giggle.


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