Farewell January

February 3, 2010 at 8:34 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

Both beautiful images thanks to Ninruz at Deviant Art

Welcome to February!

I can’t believe January has gone – it feels like Christmas was just yesterday. I’m trying to start a habit of writing down my achievements every month and make time to acknowledge the great things I’ve done (big and small). It’s not often that we allow ourselves to be proud of our achievements and it’s not easy either.

January was:    a month of new beginnings and goals, active, frugal, spent with friends and family, half organised and half chaotic, rewarding and social.

January Achievements

  • Saved my target of $1,800 for the month
  • Recorded two vocal tracks to assist in getting an agent
  • Attended all scheduled personal training sessions, reached Day 2 Week 2 of C25K running program and swam four times
  • Have grown six out of ten fingernails (I know, the others are coming!)
  • I sent two letters by mail (one of which didn’t reach the recipient) – still a way off my target of 100 for the year though!
  • Had a semi-interview for a wonderful writing opportunity

A Few Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Your Achievements

  • Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, manicure or massage. If you are saving, buy a packet face mask, have a DIY pedicure or beg/bribe a friend/partner to give you a backrub.
  • Indulge your tastebuds. Are you a sweet tooth? Head out for a lavish dessert or buy a box of your favourite chocolates. If money is no issue, try a full degustation menu at a luxury restaurant. Or for a cheaper option, cook your favourite meal.
  • Mini break. Take a day trip or weekend roadtrip somewhere locally to explore the cities/towns surrounding you. You may surprised by how much fun you can have a stone’s throw away from home.


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