Things I Love Thursday

February 5, 2010 at 10:45 am (Things I Love)

The New Young Hollywood from VF's latest issue

I’m sorry I’m a day late! My excuse isn’t even a good one – I totally forgot it was Thursday yesterday. *sigh*
The most common ‘Googled visits’ I get is from people searching the words “vanity fair photo shoot” which leads them to a previous TILT where I featured some lovely Vanity Fair images, so for those people and my beloved regular readers, here are some more to brighten your Friday.

Catching up with old friends. In the last fortnight I have caught up with several friends I haven’t seen in months or even years in some cases. It reminds me that I have fantastic friends all over the world that I may not keep in touch with as often as I should, but they’ll always be a part of my life.

Ticking things off my To Do list. I have an extraordinarily long list at the moment and everything seems to be urgent (when it rains it pours, right?). I’m slowly making my way through it and trying not to acknowledge the fact that when one is complete I seem to add another in its place!

Getting flowers unexpectedly. Best boyfriend ever. That is all.  : )

Harper’s Bazaar March Issue.  I have a bit of a girl crush on Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson, both of whom feature in this issue with interesting interviews. The fashion pages are gorgeous and I found myself lusting over about 90% of the clothing, beauty products and shoes featured. I’m not a usual reader of Harper’s but I did enjoy this issue.

Great coffee. A wonderful coffee seems to make everything better and it was certainly needed on Wednesday to keep me going!

Vibrant colours. I was walking into work yesterday morning (wearing all black I’m ashamed to say, obviously wasn’t feeling very creative) and was beside two ladies; one wearing a stunning bright yellow bouse, the other wearing an orange bandage skirt. It was a humid, foggy morning and these outfits brought a smile to my face.

Starting my day with 80s music. This morning I turned up the retro tunes to perk me up for a full on day. Funkytown, Simply Irresistable and Come On Eileen did a fantastic job. AND as a bonus, I got to have a bit of a dance around the apartment while eating my toast.

Other loves:  red wine, nice smelling colognes in the elevator, curry puffs, meeting new and interesting people, purple nailpolish, danishes, cute stickers that I can use to decorate letters, lovely sales assistants and personalised mugs.

What have you loved this week?


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