Bumper Friday Edition

February 12, 2010 at 12:53 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings, Things I Love)

Decided to package Things I Love Thursday and a Bring Your Sexy Back blog post together for a Bumper Friday Edition! So get ready for a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.


The new March cover of Madison. Miranda Kerr stars on the 5th anniversary of Madison cover, wearing a Carla Zampatti designed dress inspired by the Australian flag. Gorgeous.

Getting twice as many flowers. My boyfriend ordered me flowers yesterday but discovered they weren’t the right bunch. After speaking to the florist, they sent us another bunch at no charge. Our apartment is now smelling glorious!

That the local supermarket checkout guy has nicknamed me ‘Beautiful Girl’. Hilarious but still awesome.

Driving with the windows down on a gorgeous Melbourne day, playing ‘Miss Independent’ by Kelly Clarkson. Singing along ridiculously loudly and dancing in my seat too of course.

Taking a surprise cupcake to my friend’s birthday drinks. The bouncer almost didn’t let me in with food, but I managed to smile sweetly and wriggle past!

Summer nights. I sat out on my balcony earlier this week with Ray LaMontagne playing in the background, just thinking and smiling. It was the perfect evening (however, I now have 11 mosquito bites all over my body).

Homemade pavlova. Thanks to Gaby for the delicious dessert night on Wednesday. Wish I could have tried them all but my hips were screaming at me. ;)

TV in bed. Have been watching Supernatural episodes in bed with the boyfriend. He tells me to look away in the gruesome parts (bless him).

Seeing my family. I am flying to Adelaide tonight for my grandfather’s 80th birthday celebrations on the weekend. My family have flown over from NZ so I get to spend some good quality family time with them for the next couple of days.

Other loves:   frozen yoghurt, my little new nailfile with a silver handbag charm on it, friends telling me that they’ve spent 45 minutes “getting lost in my blog” (thanks!), my singing lesson on Monday, weheartit.com, dishing out compliments to strangers and the feeling it gives you and polkadot slippers.

ALSO – check out my Valentine’s Day post ‘Celebrate Your Love’ over at *eLLA* iNsPiReD


I’m sure you’ve all had one of those days where your hair doesn’t sit right, your skin is either too oily or too dry, you feel bloated or just downright frumpy. What can you do to get your mojo back and feel a little more gorgeous and spectacular?

♥   Wear an extravangant hat. I find that a large brimmed hat takes the emphasis away from any part I’m self conscious about and is often a great conversation piece. Try a fascinator or a tophat if you’re really daring. Statement hats often make you feel a little ‘old school glamour’.

♥   Put on some bright lippie. A vibrant lipstick always makes me feel more confident. Try ruby red, orangey tones, deep plum colours or hot pink to add some colour to your day.

  Wear a pair of sky high heels. Apart from the obvious (that high heels make you appear taller) they also force you to walk with your back straight and your head held high. I also like that they make my legs seem longer. ;)

   Sweeten your mood with a bow. Tie your hair back and pop in a cute ribbon to match your outfit. Always a charming and girly addition.

   Go crazy with colour. Use your eye makeup or clothing to create a psychadelic rainbow look. There’s no better time to try something out of the ordinary than when you’re having a blah day. Get creative!

♥   Look through photos of yourself that you love. Preferrably reasonably current ones, to remind yourself that this is just one slightly off day for your usually fabulous self.

  Do something different. Maybe roller skating, berry picking, cooking a recipe you’ve never tried before, You’ll be so caught up in your new experience that you’ll forget about your insecurities for a while.

   See your loved ones. Organise a tea party with girlfriends, dinner date with your boyfriend or cocktails with your siblings. Hanging out with these people will remind you that they love you no matter how awful you’re feeling.

What do you do to bring your sexy back?


  1. Sarah said,

    Those shoes are BEYOND hot!!

  2. Kate said,

    I love Madison’s current cover too! Keep considering purchase based merely on aesthetic appeal (I don’t regularly do mag’s … they are so exxy & there is so much quality editorial avail. online now). As for bringing sex back… Well, I’m not really a sexy type of a girl, but I think confidence & sexy and a bit of awesome loud music sing-a-longs get me feelin’ good so let’s go with that. (& um, secret suspenders under boring outfits? yes)

  3. x Corrine/Frock & Roll x said,

    Aw wow, I LOVE this list! It’s positively brimming with excellence, and I love the ‘Bring Your Sexy Back’ ideas! :)


  4. KK said,

    Sarah: I know, aren’t they? They are screaming to be purchased!

    Kate: I think I really did just buy it due to the cover being so gorgeous. Silly but true. LOVE the secret suspenders idea too!

    Corrine: Thanks hun – such a compliment when your blog brims with excellence too!


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