Things I Love Thursday

February 18, 2010 at 5:04 pm (Things I Love)

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope your day has been full of joy and delight! Here are my loves this week, but I’d love to hear some of yours!

Perfect nights at home. I don’t usually have much time at home by myself and when I do I don’t often seem to enjoy it. Last night I cooked myself a nutritious dinner, watched one of my favourite movies (Elizabethtown), went for a swim and painted my nails. Bliss.

Scooping hummus out of a pottle with my finger. Childish joy, but joy all the same!

Swimming without a towel. I had to laugh at myself last night when I realised that I had forgotten my towel  just prior to jumping in the pool. I had two options: turn back home to get it and risk not having the motivation to return, or use my sarong as a thin towel and saturate my seat. I did the latter with an added giggle.

Spontaneous dinner dates. My lovely friend Sarah decided that we deserved Thai on Monday night. The boyf and I had no plans, so we whisked off to a spur of the moment (delicious) dinner in great company.

Free stuff. Who doesn’t love free stuff? I received a few goodies from Invisible Zinc because I (well, my boyfriend as a birthday present) had subscribed to CLEO magazine. That was two months ago, but hey, I’m not complaining!

Birthdays and family. Celebrated my grandfather’s 80th birthday in Adelaide over the weekend and it was wonderful to see my family (and extended family) with the wine and conversation flowing.

Exercising that elusive thing called self restraint. I found the most gorgeous chunky strap shoes last week and asked them to bring in my size from another store. I then looked at my bank account and apologised that I wouldn’t be able to purchase them. Go me!

FLIGHTS. Drumroll please… T and I finally booked our tickets for Europe!!! Yes, that requires three exclamation marks – I am very, very excited. That’s one tick on my 25 Things To Do Before I’m 25 too. Bank account is now low though (again)!

Other:   rasberries being on special (yum!),  gearing up for dinner and a handbag launch tonight with a girlfriend, cuddles, collating my next Cyberspace Gems post (there are some great blog posts around the place at the moment), hearing good news from friends, playing lame card games with my family (with Mum getting angry because she lost…twice), pug dogs and looking at other people’s inspiration boards.

It’s been a while since I gathered the love from Twitter – but here we are, a whole lotta this week’s loves from some great ladies.

AMY:   The little fun things that come with being a designer… e.g. exhibitions, dinner with models, cocktails with a photographer. Also, finding someone who you can talk to about something you can’t seem to talk to anyone about.

BEC:   The milder summer weather. It’s warm and lovely, not baking hot!

FELICITY:   My new office, my mini splurge at Cue, white nectarines and making plans with friends new and old.

FIONA:   Picking up the keys to my first apartment with my boyfriend of five years and getting excited about making it feel like home, AND the humidity breaking in Sydney, leaving behind glorious sunny days!

GEORGINA:   I love cooking in my new slow cooker.

KELLY:   I’m loving new seasons ankle boots that are around and the Barkins red military coat… hurry up winter!

SALLY:   Melbourne International Comedy Festival program in today’s Age (newspaper)! Oh, and ankle boots! : )

SANDI:   I’ve loved realising who my true friends are, writing , meeting new people and feeling organised.

SARAH:   I love my new Ansdorf leather jacket that I got on SALE!! And I love that Twitter finally deleted my DMs and that I saw a press screening of ‘A Single Man’.

SHARON:   I love having Thursdays off work! Does that count? Yup, that totally counts!

What has made your week sparkle?


  1. Marthe said,

    Where in Europe are you going?

    What made this week sparkle for me was having my sister visiting. We did research and made plans for college applications and volunteering with lions. ♥

  2. Marthe said,

    sorry, made plans for her college applications.

  3. Holly said,

    I’m hoping something fabulous happens to me next week so that I have something to contribute to TILT!

  4. KK said,

    Marthe: Volunteering with lions?! Wow, that sounds fantastic!
    Holly: I will definitely ask around Twitter next week (I try and do it every fortnight or so).

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