February 19, 2010 at 2:48 pm (Style Snapshot)

As a blogger with a fashionista streak, I have been trying to keep up with the new collections being paraded throughout New York Fashion Week and decided to share a few of my favourites.
Thank you to for the images.


As with many of the Autumn/Winter collections, there was a large emphasis on black at Alexander Wang (which I don’t mind, being a bit of a black fan myself). I liked the way Wang experimented with the idea of the suit, taking pieces from your everyday suit style and making them part of something very unique. That grey jersey also looks like the perfect ‘cuddle-up-on-a-rainy-evening’ garment to me!


What can I say? These dresses are works of art. The amount of detail on them is incredible. The collection was inspired by Irish dancer, Lola Montez, who invented the ‘Spider Dance’.


What I enjoyed most about Ms Wang’s Autumn/Winter collection was the various shapes and the design of the garments. The gathering of the fabric in different ways and areas of the clothing sparked my interest. Feminine with an edge.


This is one collection where I could see myself walking out of the house in just about everything that came down the catwalk. Beckham said that she had to exercise restraint in this collection as she was experiementing with draping. I love the bright colour mixed in with feminine neutrals.




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