Things I Love Thursday

February 25, 2010 at 5:25 pm (Things I Love)

*trumpets blast into song* It’s THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY! I can feel your excitement and anticipation as to what joys of the week I am going to share with you. : )
PS: If anyone knows the source of this amazing picture (other than weheartit), please let me know as I’d love to link to the original source.

Peri Peri Chicken pizza from Crust. It was just what I felt like for dinner last night after a crazy day. Was so not in the mood to cook, so Crust came to the rescue!

Fitness success (despite the above). My personal trainer came back from two weeks on holiday and I had my weigh in and measurements taken. I was pretty pleased with the results. The combination of soup and salad lunches and running/swimming must be paying off!

Auditioning. Finally getting back into singing and had an audition last night. Keep your fingers tightly crossed for me – I’d love the get this (which will help me achieve my creative work earnings target I set on my birthday for this year). Just felt good playing with some great musicians again!

Being left little presents on my computer screen. I came back from lunch yesterday to a big yellow star cut out of paper with the words ‘Kim is a star!!!’ on it. I was touched – I had been working really hard all day and it was nice to be appreciated in a cute and unique way.

Booking our trip. I have booked almost all of our accommodation for our overseas trip to Europe and it has made me even more excited. Flicking through the pictures of the hotels (budget ones mind you, we’re not made of money!), imagining the delicious buffet/continental breakfast in the morning and heading out for coffee in a cafe down the road. It is exactly 6 months away today!

Realising I’m actually kinda good at a multitude of things. Do you ever have an ‘aha! moment’ where you realise you have talent, passion and drive, and that you’re really quite a capable individual? Have had a couple of those this week and they’re great. More please!

Other:   Coffee days (I’ve been cutting down recently, so the days I can have it are awesome), writing letters and anticipating the reply in the mail, talking to my mum on the phone, crossaints for weekend brekkie (with coffee that my boyfriend gets me from down the road), my boyfriend (duh, he brings me coffees!), sifting through old photographs, Bounty bars and support from friends.

What has filled you with luuuurve this week?



  1. Marthe said,

    Ohhh, where in europe are you going? :)

    What I love today is the great time I had at my hairdresser’s today. She is great, and I always feel so good with my hair newly cut!

  2. KK said,

    I love getting my hair done too – always gives you a spring in your step!

    We are going to fly into London via Hong Kong, then Paris and the south of France; then Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena, Verona, Venice and Rome in Italy; Barcelona and Valencia in Spain and Prague. A whirlwind 5 week trip for sure!

    Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. Love hearing from you Marthe!

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