Staying Upbeat When You’re Sick

March 3, 2010 at 3:11 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings) (, , )

A cute take on the awful Swine Flu epidemic

I was busy writing an entirely different post yesterday when it hit. The dreaded Start-of-Winter-You-Know-You-Hate-Me Cold/Flu Thing. My head felt like it had been filled to the eyeballs with glue, the dull headache started, my nose was running as if it was competing in a marathon and my muscles ached.

My mother will agree with me whole-heartedly when I say I’m not good at being sick. I was one of those children that would wail and whine as if I had been hit with the plague any time I had a sore throat. I’ve learned to cope with illness better since then, but it still makes me cranky and miserable when it strikes.

This time, I decided, would be different. I was going to be ultra chipper, upbeat and optimistic; giving my body all the nutrients, rest and positivity it needed to beat this nasty bug. So what have I been doing?

  • DRINK. I feel like I have consumed gallons of water in the past two days. As well as that I have been attacking cups of green tea with their antioxidants, polyphenols and flavenoids aiding my immune system. I’ve had to have a cup of coffee each morning to keep me awake during work.
  • EAT. I haven’t changed my diet much as I was eating (horrifically) healthy before I became sick. Plenty of vegetables (broccolli is supposed to be fantastic for when unwell) and protein are always a good idea. Others that have been recommended are: yoghurt, soup, citrus fruits and berries.
  • EXERCISE. Unfortunately I had a session with my personal trainer this morning where I was supposed to do half an hour of boxing. That was not an option as my muscles ached and whinged. Instead we did light weights, crunches and lunges, the rest was stretching. I have been really active in the last 3 weeks and as much as I’d like to get on the treadmill or rowing machine, you need to take it easy and rest your body when you are under the weather.
  • SLEEP. Go to bed early. Just do it, no complaints. Sleep works miracles if you can catch enough of it.
  • ATTITUDE. Usually, as I said, I get grumpy and upset when I am sick which makes it seem all the more horrible. I have been trying to think optimistically and telling myself that it will all go away very soon because I am doing all the right things by my body. Also, the ‘it could be worse’¬†concept is working a charm.
  • VITAMINS. Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamins B and E and beta carotine. Get them all into you. I’ve also been taking garlic and echinacea.
  • ENVIRONMENT. In order to keep your germs to yourself, always throw away your tissues, cough away from people (preferably into your hands), wash your hands constantly with soap and change your sheets when the cold is on its way out. I also drove to work this morning to avoid any more germs on crowded public transport (they always seem to cough on you don’t they?!)
  • COMFORT. Keep warm and if you are lucky enough to have sick leave and are rugged up in bed – watch your favourite TV show or DVD, listen to calming music and read books you have always wished you had the time to read.
What do you do to stay positive when you’re unwell?

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