Things I Love Thursday

March 11, 2010 at 4:06 pm (Things I Love)


Happy Thursday everyone! The sun is shining here in Melbourne and we are on the home stretch to the weekend (a rather chaotic one for moi, but it’ll be fun).

   Long weekends. Even though we had storms all weekend, I managed to see friends, family, go shopping, see Alice in Wonderland in 3D and attend a fashion show.

   Hearing from long lost friends on Facebook, refusing to tell them anything online and demanding their address to post them a handwritten letter instead).

   Touching people with letters. Loved finding out that my letter brightened someone’s day when they really needed it.

   Getting flowers from a coworker. I’ve been extremely hectic at work trying to help a colleague finish a project. I bought her a cupcake to say thank you for all her hard work (if the company doesn’t say thank you, I think someone should) and she bought me flowers as a return gesture. So sweet!

   Warm apricot danish with icecream. Mmmmm ’nuff said.

   Strutting around in heels. It always makes me walk taller, with more confidence and sometimes add a little hip wiggle to my step, despite being painful and oh so impractical!

   Cooking achievements. I love it when my boyfriend and I slave over a hot stove and the result is not only edible but pretty damn good!

   Shouting my colleagues coffee in the morning. Not for any reason, but it made everyone start the day with a smile. Awesome.

Other:   my new MAC fluidline eyeliner in Macroviolet (a fab purple colour described by MAC as “deep smoked violet”) // creating new outfits with the limited garments I have // wearing bright purple high heels // hot cross buns

What has tickled your fancy this week?


  1. hollyjcurtis said,

    I love the letter ones, I agree! Letters are beautiful and touching and should be written more often!
    Things I love:
    finally getting some luck! My mac book works perfectly fine, even though a glass of water was spilt over it. Winner!
    Getting to my car just as a parking inspected was writing me up. Fine avoided just in time!
    Starting my long overdue blog. Overcame nerves and fear about it, and just did it!
    Having a relaxing evening on the beach with my boyfriend, followed by a spontaneous meal at a Chinese restaurant.

    • KK said,

      Holly, so glad you had some great luck this week! So glad you decided to start a blog – I just had a read and it’s starting off really well. Love “Maddy’s” quote. Kids are adorable. :)
      The evening with your boyfriend sounds really special – it’s fantastic when those spontaneous nights turn out so well! xx

  2. x Corrine/Frock & Roll x said,

    What a lovely list, Kimberley! :) I’m glad you’ve had a fantastic week, and I LOVE that you shouted your colleagues coffee one morning – what an awesome thing to do!

    • KK said,

      Thanks Corrine – I’m thrilled you enjoyed my list. My colleagues were definitely appreciative. It always starts the day off right when you do something nice for other people! xx

  3. Trixie said,

    Oh! Now I want bright purple high heels! As if my shoe cravings weren’t already bad enough. I’m loving: reviving my pot plant, fake roses strung all over the apartment, being at home in my track pants and slippers- bliss!- and Autumn!

    -Love your blog BTW!


    • KK said,

      Hi Trixie! Lovely to hear from you.
      I totally agree with the trackies and slippers concept – cozy bliss indeed.
      I got my purple high heels last Christmas back in NZ and although they are hideously uncomfortable – they look fab!
      I love that you have strung fake roses all over your apartment – that must look beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. xx

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