Find Your Passion and Embrace It

March 12, 2010 at 3:01 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

I am very lucky and knew what I loved from a very young age. I remember performing at my school talent quests from the age of 7, singing and dancing and enjoying being on stage, grinning at the crowd. I then studied music, media studies and art history at high school to satisfy my creative streak, and moved on to get a Bachelor of Music in Performance Voice at university. I then discovered a love of writing, fashion and photography (the latter which I will begin to explore more this year).

But what if your passion didn’t rear it’s head in your childhood? What if it still hasn’t become apparent? It may surprise you, but when asked, a lot of people respond that they don’t have a true passion in life. I think they all do, but perhaps just haven’t found it yet. Here are a few ways to help you discover what your passion is:

Create an inspiration board. Cut out pictures from magazines, write quotes from books or poems, stick on old photos, feathers, glitter – anything that makes you happy, that brings you a bright energy. Do any of them have anything in common? Travel? Music? Dance? Photography? Try to group them in sets with common themes.

List your idols. Who do you admire? Jot down a list of 5-10 names. Why do these people inspire you? What have they done that you would like to emulate in some way?

Check out short courses in your area. Head along to your nearest adult education centre or community centre and look through the dozens of short courses on offer in your city. Do any of them strike a chord or tickle your imagination? If so, take one and see where it leads!

Plan your perfect day. If money was no issue and you had an entire day to do absolutely anything you wanted – what would you do?

Explore the library. What sections do you gravitate towards? Grab an armful of books that you find interesting and consider what aspects of each book drew you towards that particular title.


In terms of embracing your passion, that depends what it is. If it is travelling, save up for an Around the World trip, volunteer in a third world country for a few months, or go and teach English in Korea or simply take a roadtrip around your own country and discover what ‘your own backyard’ has to offer. Get creative when looking at ways to express your passion and try to include bits and pieces throughout your week.

I did a little bit of research on Twitter for this post and I found it really interesting what people’s passions were and how they choose to embrace them.

Amy’s passion is fashion and she designs and creates dresses, attends fashion events and networks with people in that industry (while holding down a full time job).

Jackson’s passion is a blend of politics, communication, media and research and he now works for a political party as a Policy and Media advisor.

Autumn’s passion is paper and she decided to immerse herself in it by starting her own business creating gorgeous invitations.

Cate’s passion is giving, tolerance and compassion. She raises awareness about important causes and is very active in fundraising for charities she believes in.

Other Tweeters’ passions were:   business and family, exercise, baking cupcakes, writing and travelling and I love Caitlin’s response – “Surprisingly Law and not surprisingly Writing.  The latter is infatuation and the former persisted until I loved it back.”

Tell me your stories of discovering your passion and how you indulge in it!

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  1. hollyjcurtis said,

    I love those tips for finding your passion!!

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