Things I Love Thursday

March 25, 2010 at 5:36 pm (Things I Love)

It’s that special day right before Friday and time to share what we have loved this week!

5 months today. Despite our European holiday being a whole five months away, I’m still unbelievably excited!

Yoga. I went to my first yoga class in several years on Monday and despite still being sore three days later, I loved it. The deep breathing, relaxing your muscles, the warrior poses – all great.

Turning into a hippy. It has come to my attention that my love of yoga, blogs about life balance and zen, exploring alternative therapies is making me become a new-age hippy – but I kinda like that!  : )

People linking to my blog/posts. This needs no explanation, just a huge thank you. You all know who you are.

Circus students. The boyf and I went to the National Institute of Circus Arts performance last night and (as always) it was incredible. They are so talented and strong – have decided to book into classes after we get back from holiday.

Yeojin Bae A/W2010. A gorgeous femme fatale collection in my opinion. My favourite during the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. (Lovely pics from Fashionising)

Treating myself. I have been working like crazy this past fortnight so decided to indulge in a fancy lunch complete with Spaghetti Di Mare, sauvignon blanc and coffee. Treat yourself this week – as L’Oreal says, because you’re worth it.

Sending flowers. It was my sister’s birthday on Saturday and I hadn’t found a gift yet, so I decided to send her a beautiful bunch of flowers in Wellington. Apparently they got a big smile. Happy Birthday Alana, I love you! xx

Other:     Gossip Girl, being nice just because, great wine, freebies, new magazines.

Twitter Loves

Felicity:   Melbourne sunshine… My new lipglosses.. LMFF experiences… The long weekend coming up… Plums!

Holly:   feeling productive, how a short break away can make you & your partner so much happier, becoming more confident with my new blog. Oh and the Witchery $30 gift card!

Jackson:   I love Premier Video editing software. Makes video editing eassssy.

Jessica:   Learning how to say no! sometimes it is sooo good! Oh and big shoulder jackets are my top love this week!

Kellie:   Everything in French Connection…. autumn in melbourne…. hot cross buns….

Sarah:   Chanel-inspired luxury tattoos, Kim looking FAB on film at LMFF (aww thanks) , being home.



  1. hollyjcurtis said,

    I love that lace and black dress! Amazing!

    • Kimberley said,

      Isn’t it beautiful? I loved her designs and wish that they weren’t quite so pricey so I could own one myself!

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