Style Revamp: Autumn

March 30, 2010 at 11:50 am (Style Snapshot) (, , , , , )

Inspired by re-reading Victoria Beckham’s style bible “That Extra Half An Inch” I am reinvigorated to update my wardrobe and personal style to better reflect who I am becoming and would like to be. 

I would like to be:

♥   classic and stylish

♥   well put together

♥   confident in my choices

♥   brave enough to purchase a garment in the correct size (even if it is a size larger than I would have hoped)

♥   able to escape the comfort of black

♥   disciplined enough to avoid trends that don’t suit my style or shape (despite looking fabulous on other women)

My current wardrobe is all black dresses, an assortment of patterned skirts and singlet tops. A large percentage of the clothing I didn’t throw out in my spring clean last year don’t fit me anymore (a recent occurance and I am working on this at the moment with my trainer) or have needed tailoring to fit well for months. I do not have a single pair of pants that flatter my figure and my basics are falling apart after so much use.

I have about 4 items in my wardrobe that make me really excited to put them on. They are often tricky to combine with other items into a whole ‘outfit’.
I own about 5,000 sets of underwear (all of which are about 6 years old) and only wear a select few of those. I have never been fitted and never buy practical underwear either.

Time to make some changes.

This is slightly difficult because I am saving for my European holiday in late August, but there are a few things I can do to start the ball rolling on my style transformation.

This month’s style challenges:

Invest in well fitting (practical!) underwear and basics.

Consider what items are needed to truly “make” an outfit and hunt them down

Investigate new accessories (e.g. scarves and hats)

Find a cute and practical pair of flats for use on the holiday

Items to find once in Europe:

The perfect pair of jeans (probably boot cut) to suit my figure

A crisp tailored white shirt

Cute ankle boots and knee high boots (I don’t think I’m brave enough to try the thigh high trend)

A pair of slim fit black pants

A classic tailored leather jacket (not a bomber or biker style)


What changes are you making to your style?
Do you have any key items you are on the lookout for?




  1. stargirl2 said,

    I was feeling the same way! One of the major things I did was buy some accessories [mostly necklaces and bracelets]. They added another element to my everyday clothes, and since I’m still trying to really determine the style I want, they were an inexpensive way to go. A good pair of jeans is a fantastic investment, though. They make me feel and look great… and they’re of a high enough quality fabric that I can wear them all the time!

    • Kimberley said,

      Thanks for your comment stargirl2 – I will definitely be checking out some inexpensive necklaces and bracelets as you’ve suggested. Such a good idea. Agreed – jeans are to be invested in (wisely of course)! x

  2. Whatevershesaid said,

    Oh I have been meaning to read that for a while! I’m going to the book store today!

    • Kimberley said,

      Hi Bec! It really is a great read. She’s quite witty and amusing (although I know she doesn’t seem that way). Let me know your thoughts! x

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