Things I Love Thursday

April 8, 2010 at 6:29 pm (Things I Love)

Buying my camera. Finally I have invested in a new DSLR camera. It’s a lovely Nikon D90 and I should be getting it sometime next week. I’m sure I’ll post a few of the initial photos on here for you all!

Shedding a little excess weight. I lost 1.3kgs since my last weigh in with my trainer. I’m chuffed.

Boxing with my brand new gloves. POW!

Long walks on the beach with my boyfriend. Yep, I sound like I’m in a Miss America beauty pagent but it’s true. We went for an 80 minute walk on Easter Sunday and it was fantastic – we don’t usually seem to have the time.

Cooking.  I’m not much of a domestic goddess and I would like to think it is because after the battle with public transport and an entire (boring) day at work, I’m in no mood to spend two hours creating a decadent and delicious meal. So we are reheaters. However, over Easter we made a Spanish paella that was slightly bland but yummy and I baked scones. I don’t own an apron either, I think being covered in the cooking mess is part fo the fun! ;)

Throwing myself into something head first. As much as I am a typical free-spirited (and sometimes reckless) Sagittarian, I do often second guess myself. This week an opportunity cropped up and I decided to give it everything I’ve got and see what happens. It felt good to ignore the doubt.

Other:   Homemade scones with jam and cream (must be warm in my opinion), free coffee day, Easter dinner with T’s family, reconnecting with old friends, motivation, complimentary movie tickets, red chicken curry and giggling.


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