Things I Love Thursday

April 22, 2010 at 5:55 pm (Things I Love) ()

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Zumba. The dance aerobics craze has finally hit me. I went to a class a few days ago and I am hooked! It is so much fun and I was both absolutely exhausted and really pumped up at the same time. Will definitely try to get to a class every week.

Movie: My Date With Drew. Has anyone seen this film? It is about one ordinary man’s quest to get a date with Drew Barrymore in 30 Days with $1100 with his two friends and a video camera. It is delightful and makes me love Drew even more, she is so lovely. PS: My boyfriend also wanted to add it to his Things I Love Thursday – we both loved it.

Planning adventures. I’d like to head off and live in Ireland for a few months next year and travel around fabulous European countries on the weekends and the boyf would like to visit Madagascar at some point. Gets me excited just thinking about throwing myself out of my comfort zone!

Being strong. I am on serious lockdown to save for our trip and have been very good this week. No shoes, clothes, beauty products, unneccesary snacks, stationary, magazines, handbags – anything. No shopping at all. *sigh*

Dancing around in the morning with a towel on my head to 80s hits. Kids in America, Simply Irresistable, Eye of the Tiger and Funkytown are some of my favourites! ; )

Hearing from everyone about what they’re loving. Thank you for the wonderful response today (everyone is obviously feeling the love)!

Other:   ringtones that make you want to dance, lunchtime yoga, being organised for our holiday, making a donation for ANZAC Day, tulle and setting a date for my photography course (30 May).


Amy:   I’m loving beginning the planning of a trip to Europe for later in the year. Oh oh… getting a volunteer dressing position for Dion Lee’s runway show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and an invite to Nookie’s RAFW after party.

Alana (my younger sister):   E2 and mentos, no work on Thursdays and my older sister … I guess

Bill:   Power cuts in the CBD that mean I can go home early!

Cheryl:   I love Thursdays as it’s my nite out with friends- tonight I’m seeing the girls – SATC eat your heart out! Xx

David:   Being lord of my own manor at long last (good thing my housemate Jess can’t see this – she’s pretty sure she is in charge!)

Fiona:   I’ve loved the extended summer in Sydney and spending long lunches laughing with @lkatsikitis in the sun!

Holly:   The beautiful hot sunny weather, buying best friends beautiful presents, talented friends and exciting opportunities and surprise pressies from the bf just cos he saw it and thought of me! :)

Jackson:   RAPTORS (with guns) and Zeppelins!

Kellie:   The beautiful weather we have had this week! Love it!

Kylie:   The SUNSHINE and the awesome electrical storm!

Laura:   Long weekend coming up and snuggly cuddles.

@missgreens:   Girls Night last night – simple, uneventful and so refreshing : )

Sarah:   Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – I’m going!

Shitika:   Chilly mornings and hot cups of tea  : ) Yay for Autumn!

@sweet_libertine: (Paloma Faith’s ‘Upside Down’ video)



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  1. hollyjcurtis said,

    Love the colour scheme of this TILT!

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