Things I Love Thursday

April 29, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Things I Love)


Lovely to see that you have returned for your weekly dose of love and warm, cuddly feel-good vibes! Here’s a run down of what I have been falling in love with this week and thanks to the fabulous contributions from around cyberspace, I always enjoy hearing what you’ve been loving.  : )

Jelly and icecream. Such an underrated dessert that takes me back to my childhood. We had raspberry jelly with vanilla icecream, but might experiment with other flavours shortly. Perfect sweet treat for cheap (love the rhyming).

Cleaning playlists. The boyf and I had to tidy the apartment before his parents came over (a chore I hate doing) so I put together a fabulous playlist to keep us motivated. Funky music makes everything seem more fun!

My boyfriend. Awww yeah yeah, so soppy. But seriously, I worked for 8 hours at children’s parties, dancing and facepainting like a maniac – I then flopped onto the bed, exhausted. Shortly after, T brought me dinner and gave me lovely foot rubs. Am I lucky or what?

Remembering Kim Possible.
I used to nanny for a couple of young girls a few years ago and the hit Disney show Kim Possible was popular for after school viewing. All kids that I looked after that year loved calling me Kim Possible despite the fact that I am neither a redhead or a kick ass crime fighter!

Big ideas:   I love getting huge ideas that may never happen but lead you to dream about the things you could achieve. I need to not rush ahead though and complete my 25 Things To Do Before I’m 25 before I start writing next year’s goals!

Other:   Arancini balls, refreshing sleeps, cheap Tuesdays at the DVD/video store, leather gloves, family engagements, earrings from Kiku, date night plans, posting gifts and finding money in your handbag.


Caitlin:   Scottish lecturers, Glee, white v-neck t-shirts on boys and girls, the name Evie, Harper Lee and pineapple Chupa Chups.

Corrine:   You and your website (awww thanks!), awesome sticky date pudding and mid-week date nights with your best friends!

Felicity:   Fabulous op shop buys, warming mugs of tea/coffee, blogs that offer so much style inspiration and Spics n Specs (Aussie TV show) with Hamish.

Holly:   Supportive friends and family, super exciting news that makes you feel like what you do is working and worth it, getting excited for NYC and anticipation of old style snail mail.

Jasmine:   Starbucks mocha caramel lattes, Shortland Street dramas and Trademe bargains.

Jason:   I’ve been loving lentils and by that, I mean I’ve been loving eating them for dinner.

Linvia:   Fairy makeup and Twitter as a shopaholic influencing tool!

Sarah:   I love @flickity_split for lending me jeans and a suitcase and shopping with me at lunch and @Miss_Kimberlina for collecting my mail and being eternally optimistic and @lookitsjennie for being my RAFW buddy!

Tiz:   I love that tomorrow is Friday!!!

Tom:   I love that it is already Thursday after just two days of work.

Leave a comment with what you have been loving this week!
I do love to hear from you!

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