Things I Love Thursday

May 6, 2010 at 6:33 pm (Things I Love)

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Happy Thursday everyone! Hope your week has been brilliant and that you have a lot on your Things I Love Thursday list. Decided on a bright purple theme as it is wet, cold and raining here in Melbourne. Here’s your weekly dose of my adoration:

Mum Packages.  Yesterday I received two DVDs in the mail, full of Desperate Housewives episodes that Mum had taped from TV for me (due to us not having a TV). Thanks Mum! xx   I signed up to FitDay on Tuesday and have been recording what I have been eating and my activity since then. It is really interesting measuring what vitamins and minerals I am lacking in and trying to balance out my food intake. I’m finding it really motivating and makes sure that you’re aware of what is in the food you are eating.

Awesome unexpected Thursday voicemails. My friend Jyoti called me this morning just to chat (in her hungover state, heehee) and tell me what her Things I Love Thursday list was.  J – you are fab and made my day hun!
Her list is: Sydney weather, berry smoothies, dancing in conga lines with gay boys, feather boas and funny hats, knowing I’m going to quit my job and Gertrude (her fave rainbow tartan jacket).

Booking flights. I booked flights for the boyf and I to visit my grandfather in Adelaide over Queen’s Birthday weekend. It was the 10th anniversary of my grandmother’s death last week so it means a lot to him that we’ve planned to see him over there and I’m looking forward to it too.

Sloth nights. Because I’ve been getting into my Zumba and trying to fit a few more activities into my week, I have really been cherishing the nights when it’s just the two of us at home watching a DVD or chatting over dinner.

Garnier Fructis Instant Melt-In Mask. My hair feels so silky and smooth. It’s obviously needed whatever nutrients are in this product!

Other:  Bags of sour lollies, doodling during meetings, lovely Facebook messages, trying new hairstyles, changing nailpolish colours, delicious cheesecake, workmates that bring lollies into work (love you Bec), gorgeous sunsets and warm scarves.

Thank you!

Bronwyn:   I love home cooked meals with my boy and playing chasy with my bunny rabbit.

Caitlin:   Strapless dresses, the line ‘Ease up there, Judas’ and losing arguments to 5 year old logic.

Fiona:   I love that tonight my mum will be in Sydney and we’re going to hang out at her hotel in pajamas and get room service!

Holly:   Totally unexpected beautiful words in a card from a friend, booking flights, helping others with their goals, registering for the Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run for breast cancer and having people like my work!

Kellie:   Being cold enough to wear boots, coats and scarves… finally!

Melbourne Op Shop Tours:   Getting a discount on my mocha for bring a keep cup!

Sandrine:   That my parents are back from their hols in China!

What have you been feeling the love for this week?

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  1. phoenixsinh said,

    thanks very much for your post,it help me understand more and more about anything

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