Cyberspace Gems

May 19, 2010 at 6:21 pm (Cyberspace Gems)

Welcome, my delightful readers (and a quick thank you for checking in)!

I thought I’d start this Cyberspace Gems edition with an update on what I’ve been up to (in case you’re interested, if not, feel free to scroll down to the luscious links)!

MADE:   Not a lot really. I need to get a tad more crafty. I did make an effort to start using my Fashionary. I added 3 sketches and then decided I needed coloured pencils to really let my creativity go wild.

WENT:  Cecylia’s Blogger Party. Cupcakes and champagne did nothing for my new healthy lifestyle, but it was lovely to indulge, scan the racks of beautiful (national and international) designer clothing and meet fantastic new people (including Cecylia herself). I also won a prize after completing a fashion quiz – woohoo! 
If you live in Melbourne, check out her sweet boutique at 1113 High Street, Armadale.

DID:   Book into a photography course. If all goes to plan, I should be starting my 2 day course on Sunday 30 May. Thrilled that I’ll be able to structure my photos a lot better and learn new tricks with my camera.

BEEN:   Practising for T’s gig tonight. I’m singing on a number of the tracks he’ll be performing – a little nervous, but more excited for him.

SAW:   The final episode of Supernatural Season 5. I cried. I know, I’m a sook. I’m going to blame the red wine…

And what you’ve all come here to see…

Super Kawaii Mama’s teachings on The Secrets to Being Glamourous for Every Occasion: Cleaning and Dealing with Cold

The Modern Woman shares her 10 Tips to Fix Your Financial Faux Pas

Love the look of fat mum slim’s Basic Butter Biscuits recipe

The Glamourous Grad Student is taking a serious look at her wardrobe with the first two posts in her Style Self-Help series: Wardrobe Practicalities and Wardrobe Glee

Colour Me Katie shares photos and video footage of her Ghostbusters themed improv performance in a library full of unsuspecting bookworms. Gave me a grin!

Learn how to Network with Substance Style and Soul over at yes and yes
Part One and Part Two

The lovely Holly at Am I There Yet? tests out how to create pin curls

House of Turtle is spreading the love by pioneering Positive Tweets Week. Check out the progress so far (I even get a couple of mentions)!

What gems have you found online recently?

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  1. Alba said,

    Haven’t really had much time to browse the net as I’m cramming for my exams coming up in two weeks – eek! But these links are going to be great for study breaks :)


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