Things I Love Thursday

May 20, 2010 at 8:51 pm (Things I Love)

Time for some love sharing here on Things I Love Thursday – your weekly dose of positivity to get you through until the weekend (not very far away now)!

My boyfriend’s first real gig. T performed on stage for the very first time on Wednesday night and was fantastic. Very proud girlfriend right here.

Sweet messages of encouragement. My personal trainer sent me a lovely text to keep me motivated. Thanks Taz!

Great hair days. How good does it feel when your hair just works for you? Voluminous and sleek at the same time! Wish it would happen more often, but it made my day that little bit sweeter.

Winning things. Recently I’ve won a voucher for Max Brenner (mmm chocolate), a double pass to the movies and a designer keyring. Feeling pretty lucky at the moment!

The view from our offices. It’s been pretty foggy recently but I managed to capture this one yesterday.

Other:   Pinot Noir, snuggling up with 2 duvets (doonas if you’re Australian), pumpkin soup, crazy waitresses, Facebook conversations with old friends, my camera, Desperate Housewives, eating toast with butter for dinner and my little sister.


Airdrie:   I’ve loved Etsy this week! So many gorgeous fabulous cute awesome things to find, its an overload of creativity  : )

Amy:   Late night phone conversations where most of it is spent giggling like a school girl and the availability of coffee the next morning to help with the lack of sleep from being on the phone all night  : )

Caitlin:   Charming friends, chats on night drives, dual-colour drinks, scarves, wordy, lyric-filled songs with a beat so fast you listen 3 times just to get it, Nylon Mag typography choices & layout.

Cheryl:   I love Thursday night drinkies & flattering lighting- recently had an interesting gent say ‘well since you’re a student’..

Emma:   Slow cooker, no-fuss meals; 25% off the Arthur Galan coat I have been stalking; successfully decorating my first bday cake.

GreenBowerBird:  I love reading on the train to work. Beats commuting by car any day!!!

Hannah:   Finding out that one retweet from me made a Twitter friend get a new job, discover a passion and meet a new man  : )

Jackson:   I love the [New Zealand] Budget. It is fun. $$

Sandrine:   The birth of the cousin’s baby girl, my daddy’s 60th b’day and saw a rainbow again this morning ! It got me smiling like this  : D

Sarah:   My talented friends, 100% scores on uni assignments, comments on my blog and (in the words of Miranda) Spanx!

Tom:   I love the feeling of hitting the stage to the sounds of friends & family cheering & clapping!!

What have you loved this week?


  1. Alba said,

    My boyfriend was in a band for a whole 1 year of our relationship so I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say proud girlfriend :) . Also, congratulations on winning a voucher! Hooray for lucky streaks! And there’s only one thing left to say as regards to that view lady – W O W!!


    • Kimberley said,

      Hi Alba, thanks for your lovely comment. What sort of band was your boyfriend in?
      The view is gorgeous on a good day, but today it is fairly gloomy. I’m just glad I got some snaps when I did! xx

  2. Joanne Faith said,

    I haven’t had a good hair day in so long…I need to get to my hairdressers. I’ve been neglecting it. Bad Joanne!

    • Kimberley said,

      Haha, to be honest Joanne – my hair is in dire need of a roots touch up, but if I wear a hat or a thick headband that sin can be covered up. Conditioner and volumising spray is a girls best friend. X

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