Things I Love Thursday

May 27, 2010 at 6:24 pm (Things I Love)

Photo by Magnus Unnar for 10 Magazine

Welcome to a glorious Thursday everyone! I’m sure you’re all looking forward to your weekends so I’ll cut straight to the TILT chase! 

Posting presents to friends and family. I love giving presents, especially via snail mail. There’s something really special about receiving a package in the post. 

That my barista says ‘Ciao’ every morning. I get my coffee in a cute little Italian coffee shop, with tiny cheesecakes, pastries and pizzas that make my mouth water. Everytime I thank them and wish them a good day, I get a super laid back “Ciao” – so very Italian. I love it. 

Long phone conversations with friends you’ve been missing. I miss those deep phone conversations about life that I used to have as a teenager. I had one with an old high school friend of mine who lives in Sydney and it reminded me that I should Skype more often back home. 

That I am dentist-free for 6 months after today! I’ve had 2 appointments which have been painful and expensive but I’m nearly free! 

Deciding on my next career move. Yup, I’ve made a decision as to what I want to do next, so if you know any large companies in Melbourne in need of a Learning & Development Co-ordinator/Advisor please let me know. : ) 

Other:   Feeling fit, style compliments, joining a netball team, banana smoothies, fruit salad (without melon!), purple eyeliner and of course lovely blog comments. 

Lovely Contributions from Cyberspace

Airdrie:   I think that one of the things I nominate to love this week has to be glasses after all my studious research. 

Amy:   Coastal road trip to Kiarna with the boy for the June long weekend : ) 

Fiona:   I love the spontaneity and second chances life brings. And that @ikatsikis is taking me to a box in the Opera House on Sunday! 

Jackson:   I love heaters. They make you warm when it is cold. 

Jasmine:   Getting my mid-winter clean on. 

Kylie:   My new job! 

Laura:   New friends  : ) 

Lynley:   My new JOB!!! 

Sarah K:   Thai tonight Thai tonight Thai tonight (can you guess that I’m catching up with Sarah for dinner tonight?) 

Sarah W:   A’s!!! Jeremy and my beautiful friends and family!!! 

Shitika:   That I’ll be done with my exam. 

Tiz:   My co-worker for giving me his 3 ply aloe vera and Vit E tissues while I have been sick  :) 

Veronica:   I loved falling asleep to the sound of rain on Tuesday night.

What have you enjoyed this week?

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