Things I Love Thursday

June 3, 2010 at 10:14 pm (Things I Love)

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m finding it pretty hard to stay positive in these cold wintery months so I really look forward to Things I Love Thursday to focus solely on the things that are making me smile at the moment.

Hope you have a bundle of things to share that have been fantastic in your life this week – I’d love to hear them! Thanks to the lovely contributors over Twitter this week too.  xx

Researching Paris. I have been wandering the internet looking for recommendations of chic Parisian stores and restaurants to experience while over there in August. I’ve sent off a request for us to attend a French dessert making class too – very exciting! If you have any suggestions of places that are ‘must see’ please let me know!

Sex and the City 2. I know that the movie has had horrible reviews and yes it was corny and unbelievable in some parts… but I loved it. I went with a few girlfriends and had a delicious dinner with wine beforehand, which was great. The movie had gorgeous fashion and enough laughs that I really enjoyed myself. I think you just can’t take these things too seriously and have high expectations.

Getting a lovely package of magazines. After I wrote on QLC: Finances 101 that I wasn’t allowed to spend money on magazines this month, my beautiful friend Felicity couriered a bunch over to me to borrow. Thanks so much lovely!

Someone telling me I looked like Blake Lively (see below). I will take that compliment to the grave (no matter how ridiculous)!

12. 3

My photography course. I had the first of two days on Sunday and have already taken away so much from it. Digital SLR cameras are capable of a lot but you need to know how to use them. I’m already looking forward to the final day this Sunday so learn even more about light, composition and colour.

Other:   Rum balls, watching episodes of 30 Rock curled up in bed, my Maori carving greenstone necklace that my mum gave me when I first moved overseas (I’ve been wearing it almost every day for strength), letters from friends, cocktails with the girls, being career focused, my workmate trying to interpret my bizarre dreams via internet sites and braids.

Cyberspace contributions

Candice:   Sleep. I love you but why do you only happen for such a short time each day?!

Fiona:   My wonderful, wonderful friends!

FoodFitnFashion:   planning a holiday with the one I love!

Holly:   I love that I’m at the airport departing for NYC!!

Kellie:   I’m loving my friends this week… short military jackets, jeans and high heel boots  : )

Mrs Cheeky:   Love my 6 adorable 5 week old puppies…

Sharon:   Loving Sex and the City!

What have been the highlights of your week?

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