Things I Love Friday

June 11, 2010 at 4:51 pm (Things I Love)

Hello wonderful readers and Happy Friday to you all. I firstly want to apologise for how quiet it has been on Dream. Delight. Inspire. this week and that Things I Love Thursday didn’t go up yesterday. To be honest with you, I have had one of those weeks where it is really difficult to stay positive and I’d rather not post a whole lot of useless negativity on here (you did come here to be inspired right?)!

I did, however, manage to change the blog’s address. I purchased ages ago but have never had the patience to change it over, so VOILA!

Right onto the list of love for this week …

Writing long letters to friends. I sat down in Max Brenners the other night waiting for my boyfriend to meet me after work and over a hot chocolate replied to my friend’s letter. I used a cute purple pen and kikki.K stationary. Made me feel nostalgic.

My grandpa. We are visiting him this weekend in Adelaide and he has called at least once a day for the past week trying to plan every moment of our trip. He’s very excited – it’s lovely.

Self discipline. I amazed myself on Wednesday night. I was invited over to a girl’s place for pizza and I asked to bring my own Lite n Easy meal instead. Surrounded by my favourite pizza, wine and then cheesecake (!) I still managed to have my healthy dinner and not be tempted. Go me!

Netball. Despite being absolutely shattered afterwards, I enjoyed my first netball game of the season. It’ll take a while to get back into it (as the last time I seriously played was in high school), but it was a lot of fun. We drew the game if anyone was wondering.

Stopping to just breathe. I don’t do this nearly enough (I’m sure most of us don’t), but I promise to try. I need to slooow down..

Other:   thick raisin toast with butter, being called a “rockstar” at work, quiet nights at home with the boyf, being a grown up and signing up for health insurance, finding some of the best chips on the planet (+ aioli), listening to old favourite albums and giving thoughtful little gifts.



  1. Marthe said,

    It’s great that you managed to move your blog! And I’m still getting your feed, so everything works fine! :)

    Did you do anything in particular to make sure nothing happened to the rss feed? Or did you just follow the instructions on the wordpress site?

    This friday I love:

    * My boyfriend stayed home this weekend (he should have been away at a conference). I see this as a bonus weekend with him!

    * Meeting up with good friends later tonight

    * Increased blog traffick lately = makes me happy

    * One week off the coming week! I’m going to relax and read a lot! :)

    • Kimberley said,

      Hi Marthe,

      I just followed the instructions on WordPress. I was a little worried that something might glitch, but I’m glad it’s all working perfectly!
      Hope you’re enjoying your week off – relaxing and reading are two of my favourite things! :)


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