Things I Love Thursday

June 17, 2010 at 6:23 pm (Things I Love)

Good afternoon readers, this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising through a lovely Thursday afternoon at high altitude and will be landing at the end of the working week shortly. I hope you are enjoying this journey and will join me in celebrating the little things that have made you grin this week.

The beautiful collages are done by Miss Lazurde on deviantART

♥   Step Up 2010. This is what we’ve called the work walking challenge this year. We have two teams that are wearing pedometers and trying to “out-step” each other. Keeps us all active in the office and out!

♥   Clothing cull. I am finally starting to sell a few of the clothes that either don’t quite fit anymore or aren’t very “me”. I have four dresses on New Zealand’s version of eBay (TradeMe) here.
Pssst, more than happy to post anywhere in the world if you’re keen on any of them but you’d have to sign up to the site to bid.

♥   These shoes. A-MAY-ZING! They are called Fancy (and fancy they are) made by Omelle out of felted wool.
Note to boyfriend: these will keep my frozen feet warm..  ; )

   Mum visits. Self explanatory really isn’t it? My mum is coming over from New Zealand briefly to say hi and provide me with another 2 months worth of Mum Love. Awww.

♥   Heart (and stomach) warming dinner dates. T and I met up with a friend of ours who lives in Wellington this week and finally got to meet her boyfriend. We went out for dinner at Cookie in the city which has Thai influenced dishes that you share amongst the table. Mmmm.. delicious food and wonderful company.

♥   Little loves:   organising mid-winter Christmas dinners with friends, our neighbours, reading all the blog posts that have been stacking up on my Google Reader, visiting my family, beautiful blog comments, daydreams, taking excessive amounts of photos of the pandas at the zoo, watching Gossip Girl in bed, bright accessories, having a social week.
Loves from a few of our fabulous passengers
Amy:   Long weekends, coast vacations, coffee and late night deep and meaningful conversations.
Caitlin:   Signing leases; friends who are genuinely happy; the engineers on the floor above me; end of exams; impending Sydney time.
Catherine:   Special projects that release creativity and occupy your time!!! I love it!
Daniela:   I’ve been loving hot showers and fresh PJs, hot chocolate, warm cuddles and comfort food!
Deborah:   My love this week in Melbourne’s cold weather is TEA, glorious tea. Especially chai and jasmine green teas, he he.
Emma:   Things I love – rugging up in serious fashion for Melb winter – boots, gloves, scarves, hats. Makes me feel European.
Felicity:   Plans with lovely ladies tonight, my spa appointment tomorrow night, little packs of sultanas, eating healthy, long weekends!
Holly:   Free donuts, firetruck rides, going to my first baseball game, visiting Carrie B’s stoop – NYC in general!
Kellie:   Reading good books while it is freezing outside. Just read ‘Rock Chicks’ and loved it!
Sarah:   Long weekends, the sound of rain on the roof, baking, text message conversations, red wine & THAI tonight!!
Shitika:   That after tonight, I don’t have to work till Tuesday and I can FINALLY update my blog  : )
What has lit up your week?

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