Weekend Fun!

June 18, 2010 at 3:20 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

Yes, yes it’s that time again. Break out the bubbly and confetti – it’s Friday! My mum is on her way to Melbourne and we’re off to the circus tomorrow night. I hope you have fun and wonderful things planned for your weekend. To celebrate its arrival, I thought I’d put together a cute little list of ideas for you – just a few things that might add some KAPOW to your weekend.

  • Throw yourself and your friends a Mad Hatter tea party (hats not negotiable)!
  • Download an audiotape to learn the basics of another language
  • Paint each of your nails a different colour to create an awesome rainbow effect
  • Summer: Go out for Spanish tapas and sangria OR Winter: Cozy up with some mulled wine or thick European style hot chocolate
  • Write a poem for a friend and post it to them
  • If it’s warm enough, go to the beach and run carelessly into the waves
  • Learn how to make your own sushi (you could even mix in food colouring to make it bright colours).
  • Take your camera for a wander and see your city through the eyes of a tourist
  • Watch the sun rise while eating jellybeans (jelly beans make everything more fun, it’s a well-known fact).
  • Create an inspiration board (or completely redo the one you’ve got).

For other ideas, the wonderful Corrine at Frock and Roll adds a few gems to her It’s Friday! posts. There should be one coming up shortly.

What have you got planned this weekend?

1 Comment

  1. Vanessa said,

    I’d love a tea party! This weekend I’m working and playing tennis.

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