Maintenance Cycles

June 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm (Beauty, Travel) (, )

Zoe Foster from PRIMPED (my beauty guru – you should see this girl in person.. immaculate!) has just published a blog post called “Oh God I’m already at the end of my Maintenance Cycle“. She is over in Europe to write her next book (lucky thing). 

Now, I’ve always been proud of the fact that I am well groomed MOST of the time. I tend not to worry about beauty trends or new products that promise to lengthen, thicken and strengthen, but I do love exploring the make up counters and going to get my hair done. Why oh why have I not even heard of a Maintenance Cycle then?

Zoe’s Maintenance Cyle is described as:
Hair colouring (8 weeks)
Haircuts (6 weeks)
Eyebrow waxing (4-5 weeks)
Nail polish (2 weeks)
Waxing (3 weeks)
Tan (1 week)
DIY facial (1-2 weeks)

Here comes that female guilt again…

If I were to outline mine, it would probably look a little something like this:
Hair colouring (8 – 10 weeks, depends on how long I can get away with wearing hats for )
Haircuts (2 – 3 months)
Eyebrow waxing (never
– shock horror! )
Nail polish (non-existent fingernails)
Waxing (never –
I’m a shaving girl )
Tan (never)
DIY facial (once a month maybe)

Am I horribly in need of personal grooming lessons or is it a good thing to be low maintenance? I am thinking about trialling a high maintenance lifestyle starting the week before I head to Europe (why not live the life of luxury while I’m on holiday?). Yep, expect the unexpected over here at Dream. Delight. Inspire!

Now, Zoe said she would never put herself in the hands of European beauticians she doesn’t know, but since I am such a low maintenance and free-spirited Sagittarian – why not?! I’d have to get manicures, tans and waxes – everything else I can do before I leave and not worry about getting it done until I come back.

What will this achieve Kim, you may be asking. Well, as long as my nails have grown, I will tick off one of my 25 Things to do Before 25 (get a manicure). I will pamper myself for 6 weeks straight (after working 7 day weeks for over a month) – what’s not to love. And I will have come to a conclusion about whether a low maintenance lifestyle suits me better than a high one. Plus I am sure it will be highly entertaining for you to see me come out orange in a tanning salon in Spain.

What I need your help with lovely readers, is if you have any recommendations of beauty therapists in London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Prague. Or if you have any friends that live there that could suggest any.

Do you have a Maintenance Cycle? What does your look like?
Do you think I’m crazy with a beauty challenge like this?


  1. Valerie said,

    I have never heard of a Maintenance Cycle before. And I don’t have one anyway. The only thing I really do regularly is get my hair permed every 6 – 8 weeks. That’s about it. I should get my eyebrows done regularly too but I never seem to have the time.

    • Kimberley said,

      I’m glad I’m not the only one Valerie! It seems like it would be extremely time consuming to religiously groom yourself according to these timeframes, but who am I to judge until I’ve tried it. :)

  2. marthehagen said,

    I don’t have a maintenance cycle, it looks more like yours. I guess that is because I’m a Sagittarian too.. ;)

    I cut my hair around every 3 months, but trim my fringe every 4 weeks. I put on nail polish when I feel like it, and remove it when it is flaking… and I shave when I’m showering and have the time.

    This has got me thinking… maybe I should put some nail polish on?

    • Kimberley said,

      Oooh another like-minded Sagittarian huh? *grin*
      I am like you with the nailpolish (toes only). I only pay attention to it when it starts to look horrendous!

  3. Things I Love Thursday « Dream. Delight. Inspire. said,

    […] beauty appointments in the lead up to our trip. Oh yes, I was serious about taking on the Maintenance Cycle challenge. Brows done, hair cut tomorrow, facial on the 19th, hair colour on the 20th. As my nails are still […]

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