Things I Love Thursday

June 24, 2010 at 10:45 pm (Things I Love)

Gosh, two posts in one day – hope I’m not overloading you!
Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you’re ready to share the joy of the week with me.

The gift of soup. My colleague bought me soup on Tuesday to help me resist the terrible comfort food my body was craving. Such a sweet gesture had me smiling for ages.

Mum time. It is awesome. That’s all.  : )

Old friends deciding to message me. So wonderful to hear from people who you often think about but never speak to. I got messages from several people who I’d been missing.

Making the right decisions for me. I was offered a job today and I am going to turn it down. It isn’t where my heart wants to go so I’ll wait and hope that the right opportunity comes along… one that my heart approves of.

Reading. Oh, how I have missed you! Really looking forward to long train rides around Europe with second-hand books I’ve picked up along the way.

Other: massages, early nights, top knots, cuddles after nightmares, my little sister for her sweet message below, having a lot on my mind to write about, wonderful and inspiring people who leave comments (thank you so much), free macaroons, cozy hoodies, feeling strong and that it’s less than 9 weeks until our flight!

Amazing Love from the Web (thank you)!

Alana (my sister): You.

Amy: That I can log onto Twitter and find out what’s going on not only in fashion but in politics and world events. Amazing.
Also being back at the gym… I already feel much better

Caitlin: ooh – The Short Half Life of Bree Tanner #twihard (apologies); finally adjusting to the early am; furniture frenzy; tights!

Catherine: Quick walks in the fresh wintery air. Peppermint tea. One more day until school holidays. Learning new things.

Caro: Finished uni forever!

Felicity: My updated iPod. Dinner with my high-school girls. Booking a mini holiday to Gold Coast!

Fiona: I love The Rolling Stones for helping me through the week!

Haylz: Love that I finish uni exams today and have 4 weeks holidays!!

Holly: Balmy nights in Central Park, Tiffany & Co 5th Ave store, purchasing from said store, indulging in every dessert I fancy!

Janelle: The fact that Bon Jovi are coming to Wellington, and salad in wholegrain buns :)

Laura: Getting a new Wii, and getting really awesome text messages from the boyfriend.

Linda: Finished up at V town! (old job)

MossMelbourne: TiLT gotta be something to do with the rise of women in Australian politics!!

PukkaSkincare: The fact our two highest public office positions are now held by women – what else is there to love today?

Sandi: Finding clarity. Finding my groove. Finding focus. A new, down-to-earth and honest PM at the helm of our country!

Sarah: That Australia has its first female prime minister!


Tamara: I love you. And I love that when I thought that everything was going horribly wrong, something went right and made me happy!

Share the joy of your week in the comments below. C’mon happiness is meant to be shared!

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  1. Vanessa said,

    Here’s my bit of happiness– this dog is just too cute!

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