June 28, 2010 at 9:18 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings) (, )

I’ve had the feeling for a few days now. I’m not really moving – not forward, not backward. Just suspended while time keeps filtering by me. When I get this feeling it is usually accompanied by anger and guilt. Both because I could be achieving so much in the time that I am wasting. It is hard to drag yourself out of living the easy way.

We have all probably been in this situation a few times, maybe often. You let yourself get lazy – you stop exercising, you crash in front of the television (or in my case, computer) and watch mindless shows, eat comfort food and let your creative endeavours take a backseat. How is it that we can help ourselves out of this pattern?

Open your eyes. Realise that this is where you are stuck and try to assess how you got there. Me? Well I think mine is a combination of pushing myself too hard (which I can do for short amounts of time), winter and boredom. Winter, I can’t do much about. The boredom is related to my job and the impatience I am experiencing due to focusing solely on my trip ahead. Pushing myself too hard and stretching myself too thin is just who I am. When I am inspired and motivated, I give it everything I have until the exhaustion and laziness sets in (pattern, see?).

Stimulate yourself. Switch off the TV, computer and your mobile phone. Do something physical and creative. Let your mind wander without being told where to wander to. Read. Listen to music (really listen). Draw. Write. Paint. Cook. Let yourself create.

Stop making excuses. It is easy to make up reasons why you can’t do something. Why not take the challenging route and make up all the reasons you should.

Mix up your routine. I know that some people thrive with a routine, but it is also this sense of repetition that can land us in a limbo situation. Every day feels the same and you get no movement on your projects and goals. Think of one of your goals and do something that gets you a little closer to it. This small achievement will hopefully motivate you to go further.

Have you felt this way recently?
How do you motivate yourself out of it?

PS:  Happy Monday (sorry for the lack of positivity) and thank you to all the recent cyberspace support out there for Dream. Delight. Inspire. I am touched that some of you like posts so much that you share them all over the web. Thank you again.



  1. David said,

    “*Stimulate yourself*. Switch off the TV, computer and your mobile phone. Do something physical”…

    love it.

  2. Jessica said,

    I think all of your suggestions are great, but I have another one: cut yourself some slack. It is okay sometimes to have a few days where you achieve absolutely nothing of any note. And it is also okay to have a few days where you don’t feel positive. Have faith that it will pass. With busy, driven people like you (and me) – it always does. x

    • Kimberley said,

      Thanks Jess. That is an excellent point and one that sounds easy but is hard to put into practice. Guess we just have to be aware of our emotions and make an effort to let it go. xx

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