Wonder Woman

June 29, 2010 at 11:52 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings) (, )

As a child I had many heroes. My mother and father are obvious choices for their unconditional love and sheer perseverance with me. 1990s Mariah Carey was the voice that made me fall in love with the idea of singing. Wonder Woman kicked ass while looking glamourous and being fairly polite. The movie made me believe that women could be strong and a force to be reckoned with.

But when did Wonder Woman stop being a comic/movie character and infiltrate the lives of females everywhere? Where did this whole idea of being everything to everyone come from? Wonder Woman just had to fight crime – she didn’t have to get a degree, climb both the corporate and social ladders, have children, do charity work, find time to exercise to stay fit and slim, raise those children to the best of her ability and take care of the household in her downtime. There are simply not enough hours in a lifetime to do all the things that we think of as crucial. Why all the pressure?

Maybe it is because we have so much on offer; that we have too many choices and can’t choose a small handful to participate in. Or perhaps it’s pure greed. Or maybe it’s self-inflicted.

There are thousands of blogs on the web that will tell you how to be happy, how to have it all, how to save time and create the life that you want. Often the problem is not that you don’t know how to be happy, it’s just that there is too much pressure to have it all pieced together. If one piece is missing, it is considered a failure. Why?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have goals – you should. But don’t place too much weight on the outcome. Doesn’t it feel amazing to achieve something you have been eagerly planning and learning about for weeks? If you don’t succeed, you tend to focus on what you have lost. Time, effort, resources – but you have still gained that knowledge and self-discipline. They say you learn more from your failures than your successes. Learn from your mistakes and let the disappointment go.

Perhaps making a list of all that you want your life to be is detrimental to your happiness. Why not enjoy the journey instead of trying to skip to the back of the book in the hope of finding a happy ending? If having it all is your idea of a happy ending, it may never be there.

What are your thoughts dreamers? xx


  1. Sarah said,

    Hi Kim
    I just wanted to leave a comment to say that your recent blog posts are becoming more and more amazing and inspiring. You have a way of writing about complicated things and making them seem so simple. You are right – we worry too much, we take on too much – and for what? Thank you for giving me a perspective that lets me slow down for a few minutes and take a deep breath. Love ya

    • Kimberley said,

      Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for your lovely comment – means the world. I am glad that my posts have helped you slow yourself down and focus on what is really important – you. Take care and thanks for reading. xx

  2. Catherine said,

    Hi Kim,
    I totally agree with Sarah! Your writing is really quite amazing, Gorgeous!
    But also, you are writing about very real things. I agree totally that as women especially, we do feel the pressure to “have it all”. Maybe the feminist movement of years gone by actually might have something to answer for regarding this. It reminds me of the movie Mona Lisa Smile, when Julia Roberts character is confronted with Julia Stiles who wanted to be a “housewife”. Roberts, just didn’t seem to get that it was Stiles’ choice and not because she was being forced. I loved this moment, because it stood up for all the women in the world who are looked down on for “just” being a wife or mum. Trust me, that alone can sometimes take up all of ones time as it is!!!
    But I think the fact that we actually have the “right” to make these choices is what is often lost and the main point of what you are touching on. Well done! Just because we can’t necessarily have it all at once – doesn’t mean to say that we can’t still have it all, but just maybe in seasons. And yes, if we miss a couple of “things” along the way, is it worth loosing your happiness over it? I think not!

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