Things I Love Thursday

July 1, 2010 at 6:26 pm (Things I Love)


 Welcome to your weekly dose of lurve and gratitude! 


Making my own muesli online. I’ve recently found out about a new Melbourne company, MuesliMixer, that lets you choose what ingredients to put into a muesli, they mix it up and deliver it to your door. Wait, it gets better – they let you name your recipe. Mine is Muesli o’ Love and Strength, containing blueberries, almonds, sunflower seeds and goji berries. I am going to be feeling all kinds of awesome after eating this stuff. Will let you know how it tastes. 

Uber productive shopping expeditions (especially when they come with free skincare samples). I wrote a list and managed to get everything I needed but one item (and my bank account is still talking to me) = serious win.
One of the items on the list was jeans (insert scary horror movie music here), but that rant can be saved for a post all of its own. A huge thank you to the lovely girl at the Ella Bache counter for the samples though! 

See? Reading IS cool. Marilyn did it!


Quiet reading time. Still loving my return to the world of Bookworm-ism. I have been soaking it up, nestled into quiet cafes with pots of tea and my (almost finished) copy of Eat Pray Love. 

Having a clean apartment.  If you know anything about T and I, you’ll know this is an occurance that is extraordinarily rare, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. 

Other:   wearing sequins on cold wintery days, adding to my To Do in Europe list, finding interesting jobs to apply for, new jeans, finally replacing my skincare products (my skin has stopped yelling at me), lovely chatty strangers, strawberry chocolates and freshly squeezed juice. 

Deliciously sickly sweet love from the Twitterverse

Amy:   Melbourne (even if it is cold – it’s cold here anyway) I miss it there. 

Caitlin:   Bands I love in recording studios again; black ink pen that make my writing sexy; Paramore at Riverstage in October & Winter Solstice – because the days keep getting brighter from here on out (for real). 

Catherine:    I love my new look website , that school holidays mean a more relaxed schedule, friends & losing weight ! 

Cheryl:   I love ‘cafes’ who use their cooking talent to make muffins & work lunches sexy. 

Eirini:   I love tea!!!!!! Sooooo good. And I prefer it over coffee!  

Hannah:   My break-up haircut, Redskin coloured nails and relaunching my blog  : ) 

Holly:   Being in California, seeing my US family, remembering what hungry feels like, sunshine and Skype! 


Jade:   My sister is visiting from Sydney and staying with me for a week! 

Rellacafa:   I love my new house!!! Just like this kid I love that kid. 

Sally:   Central heating. 

Shitika:   My week as an intern on Seeing all my stories along with my by-lines. Fantastic feeling! :) 

Val:    I love soup, thick wool socks and Lanolips rose balm intense hand cream to battle the cold wintery weather. 

What have you been loving lately dear readers?


  1. x Corrine/Frock & Roll x said,

    That muesli sounds amazing! And I love the name you chose for it :) Have a wonderful weekend, Kimberley!

    • Kimberley said,

      Haha, the name just felt right. I’m pretty excited about testing it myself! xx

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