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As part of testing 3 of the 30 Habits, I attacked my Gmail account on Friday night. I had over 5300 emails in 5 years stored in my bulging inbox. Newsletters, special offers, personal notes, bill payments – you name it, I’d kept it. I went on a culling spree, deleting messages in bulk and it felt great. Then I came across a bunch of emails which made my stomach drop.

I felt as though I had been transported back in time, back to the girl I was 4 years ago. I had such awful memories of this time in my life and had tried to forget it as best I could since. But going through these emails, reading these thoughts and conversations made me realise that things weren’t all bad and I started to feel an incredible ache of nostalgia. For my home town, the people and the time.

It made me think, when does reminiscing become unhealthy? When should you close your heart to certain memories or people?

I’ve always been told that you should live in the moment not in the past, but it’s a tough feeling to shake. Eventually, as late as yesterday, I made the decision to snap out of it and focus on the life I’m leading now. No what would have happened ifs. No maybe things would be different now if I’ds.

Just here and now.

Do you ever gets pangs of nostalgia? Do you do anything about them or snap yourself out of it?


  1. Sandrine said,

    Hello Kim,
    I guess everybody get pangs of nostalgia from time to time.. at least I do !

    Pretty much anything or eveything could trigger it ! For you it was some old emails… it might be a photo.. a song… or just a thought… When this happens, true I fall in the ‘what ifs’ spiral.. pondering on that particular time/ person / memories / bad decisions +++

    But there comes a time where you have to snap out of it simply because.. the past is the past.. there is no way of going back to that time.

    Whatever good or bad experiences we’ve been through are part of our life experiences and memories. It can’t be erased but can be put aside far far away in our memories :p

    These experiences helped in the process of making us who we are and who we’ve become today. You just learn from them and move on.

    If you keep reminiscing too much for tooo long… that’s when it becomes unhealthy. But how long is too long ??? Depends on each of us I believe…

    • Kimberley said,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Sandrine. I think you’re definitely right – learn from the past and move on. Every person is different in how they deal with nostalgia but it’s important not to dwell on memories for too long.

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