Things I Love Thursday

July 8, 2010 at 11:02 pm (Things I Love)

Doesn’t it feel like it should be Friday already? I think it’s Winter, dragging its heels again. Despite that fact, it is indeed Thursday – the day that I share what I’ve been loving this week and get to hear what you fabulous people out there in cyberspace have been enjoying too. Here we go…
Interviews that go well. I had an interview yesterday which I felt went as well as any nerve-racking interview can go. The deal breaker may or may not be that I am going overseas for 5 weeks. We’ll see, I’ll keep you posted.
Simplifying. After deleting thousands of unneccessary emails from my inbox, I realised how amazing it feels to get rid of excess. I then cleared out my Flickr account (to start over with photographs that I am really proud of), computer folders and Facebook friends. Phew!
Body Balance classes. Okay, so the first one hurt like hell, but I realise the good it’s doing. Body Balance classes at my gym mix Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga. Squats for almost 4 minutes straight = not so much fun though.
Other: laughter, emails from my sister, runny poached eggs, Blue Bag cafe, my Keep Cup (it’s pink), sleeping in T’s oversized trackpants, phone conversations with my dad and grandpa, warmth (it doesn’t happen a lot at the moment, but I cherish it) and feeling productive.
Amazing love from the web
Amy: Having good friends and unexpected gifts.
Catherine: I am loving Michael Buble, what a crooner! Plus listening to my kids sing along with him is priceless!
Emma: Little Dorrit on ABC, Ugg boots (inside only!), playing Barbies with my daughter
Felicity: My lavender nails, “A Single Man” on DVD, new glossy mags, polyvore and staying warm and my pink earmuffs
FoodFitnFashion: Love how supportive distant friends can be when you are heart broken!
Melena: I love that it’s nearly Friday!
Sandrine: ♥ that I’m simply alive & well ! sometimes it’s 1 of those important things we take for granted… ♥ it when I see rainbows ! ♥ today’s outfit : navy balloon dress + beige MNG cardigan + beige pashmina + black tights & flats + beaded necklace ♥ today’s perfume : Cinéma by YSL
Sarah: Unexpected Thai, Paris, The Hills (shameful I know!), early morning runs and being PROMOTED to OnyaMag Fashion Ed!
Sharon: I’m loving all things French incl Paris chic dressing, upcoming Bastille Day, Tour de France, Paris couture fashion shows.
♥♥♥ What have you adored this week readers? ♥♥♥


  1. Vanessa said,

    Headbands, playing video games til late at night, customers who leave me good tips, mini-golfing with my boyfriend, and ice cream sundaes.

    • Kimberley said,

      Mmmm… ice cream sundaes. Thanks for sharing the love Vanessa! x

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