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July 14, 2010 at 11:08 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

Photo by teenage-dust

Well (as you have probably noticed) I am continuously on a journey to change my habits and lifestyle for the better and I thought I’d update you on that process. 


Right, here I am after another month of trying to get in control of my finances. I have spent a little less this month and have managed to stick to most of my rules. 

  • No money spent on Photography – DONE!
  • Borrow Magazines rather than buy them – DONE! Thanks to friends.
  • Spend less on Stationary – DONE! Spent nothing!
  • Spend less on Food by eating more home-cooked meals – I thought I’d been good, but I had a few expensive dinners out with friends…
  • Try to think of Presents you can make/create rather than buy – Tried to get creative with Tom’s birthday but men are so hard to ‘create’ things for…
  • 25 May – 25 June 


    • Apart from the lack of spending on photography, stationary and magazines,  I’ve also managed not to buy any clothing at all this month (super win for me).


    • I got my hair coloured which is always disastrously expensive and had my last dentist appointment for at least six months.
    • The fact that my bills are more expensive than entertainment is a little concerning though. Perhaps it’s time to see if I can save some money on electricity and phone bills…

    Photo by HarletteScreamFight


    Well I am waiting to hear back on a job interview I had last week for a position in Learning and Development with a fantastic manager who has a background in Organisational Psychology (something I’d like to study part time in the next few years).I’m keeping my fingers crossed but I am also aware that I am going away for 5 weeks very soon and that may not be workable for them. But I know what I want and will keep trying until somewhere fabulous accepts me! 

    30 HABITS

    Sleep for 8 hours. Surprisingly this has been pretty manageable, but I was lucky enough to not have work in the morning on the weekends which meant I could sleep in. 

    Use an inbox system. This is going incredibly well. I am loving having a clear inbox. It makes me feel like things are more under control. 

    Mediate for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is a long time. It is even longer when you are trying to meditate. My brain is always going a million miles an hour (just ask anyone who knows me), so when I attempt to stop all thoughts and ideas it starts to panic. I seem to get all these wonderful ideas for blog posts, books I should read, things I should learn – all when I am trying to focus on my breath and very little else. I think my record is up to about 7 minutes. I’ll keep working on it. 

    Photo by inessa-emilia

    Have you been working on changing any elements of your lifestyle?
    How are you going?


    1. Jacinta said,

      Hi there! I found you through Gala’s Facebook page, this post is really fantastic, it’s a great idea and really, truly inspiring…I literally need to get my finances in order in a private sense, but having it on a blog is a great idea too cause it’s motivation to make those charts, get those plans in shape…it really is good.

      Also tax time made me realise how much I neglect this part of my life, haha.

      • Kimberley said,

        Thanks so much for stopping by Jacinta! I think you’re right, it is really hard to take that step to take control of your finances and I find that writing about it means that I have to report back on it. Challenging but definitely a good kick to keep me focused. :)

    2. Danielle said,

      Hi there! As Jacinate, I found you through Gala Darling’s facebook page and I really love this post as well. I am in the flux of getting my finances in order as I like to save some money for the future as I am engaged. We do not have any wedding plans yet but I know sooner or later we will and we need money for that as well as living. I will say I am doing fairly well. It does get hard at times when you want to go out and enjoy, but I am learning that staying at home and cooking and reading is truly enjoyable as well.


      • Kimberley said,

        Hi Danielle. Thanks for commenting! Best of luck with your financial plans and your wedding when the time comes. I think taking a close look at where your money is going is a great wake up call for anyone. I like pie charts for this too, gives a good visual picture of spending habits. x

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