Style Revamp: Winter

July 20, 2010 at 4:51 pm (Style Snapshot) (, , )

Versace's Fall/Winter 2010 campaign

I apologise, I’m a little late with this post (Dream. Delight. Inspire. covers a lot of different topics, mainly because my brain has so many ideas that I can’t keep track – note to self: must sort out a system). 

I like to revisit the state of my wardrobe several times a year, and seasonally seems to be a good way to keep on top of this. One of my 25 Things I Must Do By 25 is to ensure that I have a wardrobe that I adore. A wardrobe only consisting of clothes that make me look and feel great. Last season, I set myself challenges relating to items that I felt my wardrobe was missing and have managed to cross most of them off. 

Last month’s style challenges: 

Invest in well fitting (practical!) underwear and basics. 

Consider what items are needed to truly “make” an outfit and hunt them down
I’d be really interested in hearing what you think are the items that “make” an outfit. I’ve been a little stumped on this one. 

Investigate new accessories (e.g. scarves and hats)
I now have 2 scarves, 4 belts, 2 beret style hats and a trilby 

Find a cute and practical pair of flats for use on the holiday 

Items to find once in Europe: 

The perfect pair of jeans (probably boot cut) to suit my figure
Done, here in Melbourne (needed a pair for the trip) 

A crisp tailored white shirt 

Cute ankle boots and knee high boots (I still don’t think I’m brave enough to try the thigh high trend) 

A pair of slim fit black pants 

A classic tailored leather jacket (not a bomber or biker style) 

Photo by Efi Zachou


The Winter Challenge is a tough one but I would love it if you would all join me and post comments with how you went and what you learned. 

1)   Allow yourself a few hours for this step. Try on every single garment you own. I know, crazy right? Maybe. I want you to categorise each item you own as follows: LOVE, UNSURE, REMOVE. 

LOVE:   You must be selective about this category. The items in this pile have to make you feel confident and fabulous, fit really well and flatter your shape. 

UNSURE:   This pile is for garments that you think look okay, but usually don’t get worn very often but don’t deserve to be tossed. Take a photo of yourself wearing every item you put in the UNSURE category. 

REMOVE:   These are items that you don’t wear, don’t fit, look unflattering or don’t suit your style. Often this pile will include a lot of impulse buys where you left the shop thinking ‘Why on Earth did I buy that?’ These clothes/accessories will either be sold or given to charity, so be prepared to part with them. 

2)   Put the LOVE clothes back in your closet and sort the REMOVE pile into SELL and DONATE. Remember that you will have to spend time either listing items on eBay-type websites or liaising with second hand sellers. Wait until tomorrow to view the UNSURE photos you have taken. 

3)   I think it is best to get a second opinion on your UNSURE items. Ask a friend to give their honest opinion on the photos you took in those garments. Choose someone whose style you admire and/or respect. It’s easy for us to hold onto items that we like but don’t suit us and your friend will help alert you to these. 

4)   This is the fun part – shopping to replace basics or add classic pieces that you’ve identified as core items for your wardrobe. Depending on your finances, you may need to stretch this process out over a number of months. 

Will you be taking part in the challenge?
How do you revamp your wardrobe and how often?


  1. shitika said,

    I am planning to have a HUGE garage sale. My wardrobe has reached to that level, where I can’t even stuff a new pair of socks in my drawer – leave aside a new dress. It’s horrendous. i want to shop more and I physically CANNOT accommodate it.
    So Garage sale is my answer! I’ll tell you how it goes.

    Good luck with yours. I am sure you’ll do very well. Just be blunt when you put on that year 12 formal dress. haha…

    And a quick suggestion: A crisp white shirt – CUE. I bought one a month ago – best fit ever. It is beautiful. I have that crossed out of my list.


    • Kimberley said,

      Thanks for your comment! Having a garage sale is a wonderful idea Shitika. I hope you sell enough to get your wardrobe into a more managable state. :)
      The last two shirts I bought were from Cue and I agree they have great cuts. x

  2. cecylia said,

    Yeah i’ve started this a month ago…it’s come to a halt because I’ only managed to clear up one rack. see my latest post on my blog

    It’s the best thing a woman can do for herself

    • Kimberley said,

      Good luck with the rest of your clean up Cecylia – I’ll keep an eye on your blog for progress updates! x

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