Things I Love Thursday

July 29, 2010 at 5:47 pm (Things I Love)

Since it has been a fortnight since I posted a TiLT, this is a bumper version of loves across all 14 days. Enjoy!

Coffee and Cold and Flu tablets. Lifesavers. Without these, I would not have been functioning last week.

Great Sunday nights out. T and I had a bit of a dramatic evening last Sunday which involved long drives in the dark/rain; so we decided that we’d treat ourselves to a nice dinner. We ended up at Big Mouth (corner Acland and Barkley Streets in St Kilda) with a live band and delicious tapas. Yum!

Getting back into fashion writing. I submitted a collection review this afternoon for StyleMelbourne and it felt so good to be able to write in a more creative way about beautiful designs. I’ll let you all know when the article is live.

Decluttering. I have listed a bunch of clothes, accessories and cosmetics on eBay as the start to a giant clean out of things I don’t wear/use anymore. I’ve been enjoying the thrill of having bids appear on my listings.
PS: It’s here and I post internationally. x

Having one of those rare days where your hair, makeup and outfit just work. Awesome.

Other:   porridge, netball, sparkly hair accessories, new books, my boyfriend feeding me vitamins, making my friends smile with handwritten letters, tissues with aloe vera, helping online friends, having great Mondays where you feel like a superhero and emptying half a can of purple hairspray into my hair for a ‘rock star’ kids party (with added KISS eye makeup with glitter).


Amy:   My friend Belinda, making plans for my birthday, shopping with my mum, finally finding that tailored blazer I’ve been searching for, adding new music to my collection, my new hair colour, paying off some old debts, finalizing my sketches for my next design collection and friends.

Caitlin:   Cold n Flu medication (definitely); Berocca (sensing a theme); Getting things done online ’cause I have no time to shop, amaaaazing massages that set my world straight; finding a bunch of old music & everybody who’s put up with me this week!

Felicity:   Robyn, Mike Snow & Local Natives. 5 sleeps till Florence. Yummy crunchy apples. Email chats with Sarah.

Holly:   My yummy roasted veg salad, the bf coming home in 5 days, compliments, exciting ideas/the promise of the future!

Jade:   I LOVE that I finally got to meet u, I get to go see family in Syd & catching up w/friends who are visiting Melbourne  : )

Kelly:   I love kicking goals at work & getting some praise. I love my two dogs fighting (nicely) to get cuddles from me.

Lyrian:   Putting art up on MY walls, Jasper’s coffee, Manbeth, walking the hour to work & Tom Waits

Nicole:   Spring stock trickling into stores. New friends. Getting my weeknights back now that Masterchef is over.

Penny:   Chanel Clogs (and no other clogs AT ALL) and Sass & Bide khaki army pants!

Sandi:   Honey & lemon tea, reuniting with an old friend, making progress, rewards programs, driving in the rain, sunny afternoons.

Sarah:   Networking with other bloggers, my work getting recognised from cool peeps, freebies to review, my wedding plans, time with my fiance, sweet and salty popcorn, pretty picture of Paris, the book I am currently reading and making blog headway.

Shitika:   Love the rain in Brisbane, got 2 stories published, new shoes and a lovely flower from a stranger ♥  : )

Steph:   Olives & feta, getting published, good hair days, home cooked food, seeing a film that lives up to the hype, a day off!

Thanks for all the tweets, now it’s time for the comments!
What has made you smile recently?

1 Comment

  1. Tom said,

    Memories of that drunken dude nuzzlings & pecking the back of my head at Big Mouth

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